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Cheese Essay

564 words - 3 pages


Ekampreet Pannu








Visual Arts


Mrs O'Keeffe

Assessment task

Drawing Evaluation

Expression Form

It creates an old and fancy look and the second one creates and islander looks.


Creating shadows, light affects.


Black Outline ink pen, Connector Pen and Chalks.

Date Due

Wednesday 2nd of May 2012

Assessment Cover SheetNagle CollegeThe artworks are very amazing of how they came up to be at the end. The first artwork was yellow hat ...view middle of the document...

The second artwork however was very different to the first one because this artwork creates an islander look; it is all green and orange colours. The background is actually wallpaper, the use of the fruits and glasses make the artwork stand out. The artwork uses light affects for several of techniques.I was trying to get an old and normal type of feeling for the first artwork the second I wanted to achieve on using colours and the objects to be more modern. I am pretty happy of what I have ended up with my artwork they have ended up pretty amazing to look at I was not excepting this kind of artworks from me it is actually my best still life artworks. I have never done a still life artwork before and the artworks were challenging for me but at the end it was very surprising for me. I could have improved on the combination of my colours and techniques; I could have used more materials for my artwork.The materials that I used were Connector pens because I didn't had any crayons. The connector pens were actually very useful in the artworks because they created a great mood. I also used Chalks for m artworks for shadows and extra technical effects. Other than that I didn't use anything but with only those two materials my artworks created great effects and I am proud of what I achieved.Ekampreet Pannu

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