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Chem Essay

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The overall purpose of Green Chemistry is to reduce pollution, with normal chemistry you mix your chemicals together to make your product, which can be potentially hazards or the waste can be, but with green chemistry if you ever have to deal with those hazards you need to manage exposures to the, in green chem, a hazard is the first point of interest when analyzing your problem. You may have heard of green chemistry in another term "sustainable chemistry". With all this, green chem is there to make chemistry my efficient and effective with the real world problems. Green chem isn't simply just cleaning up pollution though it removes pollution at its very nature by eliminating hazards in the ...view middle of the document...

Use catalysts, not stoichiometric reagents: Using catalysts instead of stoichiometric reagents is preferred as catalysts require less energy and are more efficientDesign chemicals and products to degrade after use: When designing chemicals chemist should make them degrade after their use so they don't pollute the environment around themAnalyze in real time to prevent pollution and minimize the potential for accidents: The act of analyzing the chemical reaction making sure the temperature, pH level etc. are at a right level so no accidents or waste occurInherently Safer Chemistry for Accident Prevention: Using chemicals they have a low chance of causing potential accidents including explosion, fires and releases.All of these rules or principles are important to the everyday needs of chemistry but I will be focusing on the prevention of waste in chemistry. Alot of industries use the principles of green chemistry for example in the production of computer chips scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory use a process that uses carbon dioxide in its chip preparation, which decreases the amount of energy water and chemicals it need to use which in turn reduces the pollution the product out puts.A scientist at the University of Delaware has created a method in using chicken feathers to create circuit boards, these circuit boards actually perform 2x faster than normal...

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