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Mohammed Lazim Huq
Professor Mohan
Chemistry 1111
May 2, 2018
Isolation of a Blood Vessel Growth Factor research
Over the many decades, there has been considerable research done over Blood Vessel Growth Factor. First, I will explain what a Growth Factor(GF) is. GFs are identified as growth-promoting agents and are identified as a highly purified discrete molecular species. GFs are also known as polypeptides. The actions of GF on cells depends on binding to specific proteins(cell-surface receptors). Mark Bothwell’s research has found that the physiological functions of GF can be derived from their activity in tissue cultures which involve the regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation during embryonic development and wound healing. It has also found that the sequence of amino acids has been determined for many GF polypeptides. The information we gain from this permits a number of GFs to be placed into families, suggesting that they evolved from a single ancestral protein. Families are members of which are related to amino acid sequences. Mark Bothwell’s research has also explained the some of the many different growth factors such as the Nerve growth factor(NGF), Epidermal and Transforming growth factors(EGF&TGF), and Platelet-derived growth factors(PGF). His research over these have found that NGF is produced large amounts in mouse submaxillary gland and in the prostate gland of several mammals. NGF appears to function in promoting survival. EGF is produced in large amounts in the submaxillary gland of male mice. Submaxillary gland EGF is found in a high-molecular-weight aggregate. TGF are a family of factors with similar biological activity. They have been shown to be structurally related to the EGF and are secreted by a variety of cultured cells, mostly tumor cells, they can cause normal fibroblasts to behave like tumor cells. Sometimes the TGF will interact with the EGF cell-surface receptor. PGF is stored in blood platelets and is released during blood clotting. It stimulates fibroblast cell proliferation tissue cultures.
Shang Ma, Hyo Jun Kwon, and Zhen Huang has done research of the development of blood vessels in the early postnatal brain from the compound Astroglia that blocks blood vessel growth. Their research has explained what Astrocytes are and how they affect us. Astrocytes are one of the most abundant cell types in the brain. They play a key role in the normal development and function of the brain’s neural circuitry. Astrocytes intimately interact with the brain’s vascular network. They also tightly ensheath blood vessels through their elaborate perivascular endfeet and perform a nearly-complete covering of brain vessels. Their research also found that in developing the retina, blood...

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