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Experiment 1 Lab Report
(I)In the first part of the Experiment four standard solutions were prepared and were mixed as shown below in the table then Transferred the correct amount of dye solution with water into each test tube. Then the solution was thoroughly mixed and stirred with a glass rod. Clean and dry the stir rod every time you use them.
Sr number.
Dye Solution(mL)
Distilled water(mL)

0. 1

0. 2

0. 4

0. 5

Then recorded the absorbance-concentration data for all the four standard solutions, after that we use the wavelength of the light to analyze the experiment according to the color chosen. Empty and clean the apparatus with distilled water from test tube 1. Fill the curvette 3 with the standard solution and measure the wavelength using the spectrometer then again recorded the data from the spectrometer and the graph from it. Study the graph to identify the absorbance value. Note down the concentration and absorbance values on the data sheet. Repeated the steps for all the four solutions and then slope the graph using the equation y =mx + b and draw the best fit line on your data sheet.

(II)In the second part of the experiment used the four Froot loop color rings from the experiment above.
1) Grinded the loop to fine powder using mortar and pestle and then pour it into the weigh boat. Then took 0. 5g of power in the small beaker using mass balance. Pour 15mL of deionized water in the gradulated cylinder with the powder. Heat up the solution while stirring the rod on the hot plate on a setting of 6. Let the solution be cooled down, added 15mL of 100% ethanol to the solution then add the magnetic stir bar in the mixture and stir it for 5 minutes on a setting of 3. Obtain 10 mL of 50% of ethanol/water solution and rinsed the solution in the beaker with it. After filtration, retrieved 10 mL of the filtrated dye solution and mixed with 5 mL of 50% ethanol/water solution to dilute. Record the absorbance and wavelength of the extracted dye and calculate the concentration of the extracted dye using the best-fit line equation and the absorbance. Then at last select the four Froot loops and calculate the concentration of the extracted dye.

Result Table:-

0. 1
515. 80 nm
0. 017

0. 2
515. 80 nm
-0. 054

0. 4
515. 80 nm
0. 399

0. 5
515. 80 nm
0. 449

Graph of absorbance verses concentration Y = 1. 31x + 0. 19 Ta...

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