Chick Fil A Challenges F Starting A Business Gsu Business Perspective Group Paper

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Challenges of Starting a Business
Challenges of Starting a Business
· Chick-fil-A
Michael Anderson
Elliot Daneker
Dzulijeta Hasanagic
Mazlom Hassan
Tal Scheuer
Georgia State University – Perimeter College, Dunwoody
When choosing a Business model, there are many factors to be considered in planning for the future of the business. The following paper will explore and many business choices that the chain restaurant “Chick-fil-A” had to make before opening the door to their customers. Many Business choices will be discussed, such as the ownership of the restaurants, innovations introduced by Chick-fil-A and the importance of quality, religion, technology and family time.
Chick-fil-A and its competitors
Even, with the challenges and controversies that Chick-Fil-A has faced it still remains of the most popular fast food restaurants in the US. In fact, the restaurant more percentage-wise that McDonalds, Subway and Burger King (McCreary. 2018). Now with that being said why Chick-Fil-A expands more to be all over the US like the other big three. It is simple, it is the challenge of over expansion. Yes, companies can be so wildly popular that they try to expand rapidly which causes them to lose money and go out of business. It is called the inability to handle growth. Chick-Fil-A as stated before makes plenty of money for its size as is, and maybe they do not want to expand fast. Maybe they want to expand slowly, so they can handle the grow and make sure the quality of their product does not falloff.
Closed on Sundays
Chick-fil-A has remained closed on virtually every Sunday since 1946 because of the founder’s religious beliefs (Eades, 2017). Truett Cathy believed that it was important to allow employees a day off to rest, worship, and spend time with their families (Eades, 2017). Exceptions to this are rare, and do not even include Super Bowl Sunday (Maze, 2019). All 71,000 seats were expected to be fill that day, which is certainly a lot of potential customers and money left on the table (Lieber, 2019). Their stand was even used to sell a competitor’s fries, which is not something a business normally would allow (Lieber, 2019). It is not all bad though, as franchises can recruit better employees by guaranteeing a day off every week (Maze, 2019).
Chick fil A – Ethics in Action
The Chick fil A fast food chain has had more than its share of controversy over the years. Some critics resent its rather conservative, religious stance. (Gallagher,2016) Among its policies is that the chain in closed on Sundays so that employees have a chance to spend time with their families, and if they choose, to go to church. Executives of the company have expressed opposition to the gay Ethics in Action lifestyle – and that has gotten them slammed in the media. Yet, Chick fil A has demonstrated that they too will bend even their rules when it comes to doing the right thing and this is ethics in action! (Gallagher,2016)
Chick-fil-A Challenges Customers to ...


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