Child Abuse And How To Prevent It - Human Services - Research Paper

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Amanda Heathcoat
Child Abuse and Protection
Amanda J. Heathcoat
Post University
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Amanda Heathcoat
Source 1
Ho, Grace W.K., PhD, RN, Gross, Deborah A., DNSc, RN, & Bettencourt, Amie, PhD (May
2017) Universal Mandatory Reporting Policies and the Odds of Identifying Child Physical
Abuse, American Journal of Public Health (A-M-J-Public Health), 2017; 107(5):709-716, (8p)
The object of this source is to examine the relationships between Universal Mandatory
Reporting (UMR), Child Physical Abuse Reporting, and the Moderating Effect of UMR on
Physical Abuse report outcomes by report source.
Grace W. K. Ho PhD, RN is a doctoral-prepared registered nurse with additional forensic
training in family violence and child maltreatment. She received her BSN in 2009 and her PhD
in 2014, both from Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. She completed a 1-year Morton
K. and Jane Blaustein Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing prior
to joining The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Deborah A. Gross DNSc, RN, is best known for her work in promoting positive parent-child
relationships and preventing behavior problems in preschool children from low-income
neighborhoods. At Johns Hopkins, she holds joint appointments at the School of Nursing, the
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences in the School of Medicine, and the
Department of Mental Health in the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Previously, as associate
dean for research and a department chair at Rush University College of Nursing, DR. Gross and
colleagues developed the innovative Chicago Parent Program, which improves parenting
behavior and reduces child behavior problems.
Amie Bettencourt, PhD is a faculty member at Johns Hopkins in the Division of Child and
Adolescent Psychiatry. She is also a clinical psychologist in the Psychiatric Mental Health
Annotated Bibliography 3
Amanda Heathcoat
Program at the Kennedy Krieyer Institute. Dr. Bettencourt's research interests broadly focus on
advancing knowledge of the risk and protective factors for and interventions designed to address
children's disruptive behavior problems. Dr. Bettencourt received her Ph.D. in Clinical Child
Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. She completed the predoctoral internship
training at La Rabida Children's Hospital in Chicago and went on to complete her postdoctoral
fellowship in prevention science in the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.
Source 2
Hirsch, Bomi Kim, Yang, Mi-Youn, Font, Sarah, & Slack, Kristen S. (2015) Physically
Hazardous Housing and Risk for Child Protective Services Involvement. Vol. 94 Issue 1, p87-
104. 18p.
This source explains how the quality and safety of the home environment is a common focus
of Child Protective Services (CPS) investigations. It also talks about how beyond homelessness
and crowding, little research has assessed whether conditions in the physical home environm...

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