Child Observation On Early Childhood Pgcc Psychology Essay

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Child Observation
Roberto Toro
Student ID: 0928857
Class section: PSY 2070-LD04
Professor Dr. Dubose
On March 1, 2018 I visited St. John’s the Evangelist catholic school located on 8908 Old Branch Ave, Clinton, MD 20735. I attended the pre-k classroom with students of age 4. The classroom consisted of 21 students and the teachers name was Amada Wilson. She also had an assistant named Johanna. I attended the class from 8:30 to 11:30 and left right after lunch.
I first introduced to the pre-k class during a restroom break. I notice their vast curiosity towards my presences; however, they did not ask questions because they are asked to be silent while in the hallways. I stand in the corner and I took notice that a few kids do not understand the concept of personal space and are speaking/yelling in each other faces. The teacher instructs the children to look forward while other children use the restroom. Most are unable to sit still and are very fidgety and unsettling. One child in particular is instructed to sit against the wall alone because of his inability to keep his hands to himself and inability to keep still. After being given attention of his inappropriate behavior the child becomes more difficult and less responsive to the teachers instructions.
After arrival to classroom, children are given instruction to continue on their coloring assignment. One girl in particular was requesting silence with a gesture taught to her. One hand is raised above her head with index and middle finger extended. While other hand with only index finger extended against her lips. Most children in the classroom were unable to maintain themselves in their seats and were unable to finish the coloring assignment. The children who are able to finished assignment are given the privilege to sit on the carpet first and those unable to complete assignment are given more time to work on assignment. A handful of children claimed to have completed the assignment but clearly it was a lie to be able to sit with their classmates. Therefore, those students are asked to go back to their seats and complete their work. The stragglers became worried and began to rush. Finally when all the children had completed their assignment they were all seated on the carpet. I notice that two kids were unable to keep their hands to themselves and continued to touch each other’s shoulders.
Later the teacher began the warm-up with a prayer, children are unsettling and are unable to retain focus. The children must be reminded that prayer as begun and most are able to repeat the prayer after the teacher. After the prayer the children feel confident in their abilities and begin to high five each other. It seems that every day during warm-up one child is given the opportunity to lead the warm-up. This child is given a decorative pointing stick. The children already know who’s turn it is and yell out the child’s name.
Since it was the beginning of the month the children had a chance to choose ...


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