Child Psychology Signature Assignment Los Angeles Pacific University/ Apsy Child Psychology Research Paper

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Signature Assignment
Shaphan A. Green
APSY 440
Los Angeles Pacific University
Child and game plan
The child that I will be using in my signature assignment will be an eight year old girl who is diagnosed with a depression. In making sure the assignment is completed on time management will play a huge role. Staying organized and continuing to stay on top of due dates will be what assists me in the completion of my signature assignment. Each week there is something due for the assignment, I will continue to build the assignment in pieces to complete the full assignment. Research will be done throughout the weeks to help me be successful with the assignment.
Questions for professor
1. Will the psychological disorder depression work for this assignment?
2. Are you looking for us to get our professional references only from scholarly Journals?
3. Are there any sites you recommend when looking for good resourceful references?
Part 1: Information on child client
Name: Rose Jones
Age: 8 years old
DOB: 11/04/2010
Gender: Female
Ethnic background: More than one race- African American/White
Education: Discovery School of Arts
Education level: 3rd grade
Family functioning: Both parents involved in child’s life. Parents have shared custody of child. Parents seem to communicate well, however, still issues between the two causing some issues to affect co-parenting relationship.
Living situation: 50/50 custody between mother and father
Family history: Mother diagnosed with bipolar disorder and father diagnosed with anxiety. Youngest out of all siblings and only one out of siblings to be referred to therapy. Mother and father no longer together. Rose and siblings go back and forth between mother and father weekly.
Siblings: one brother and two sisters
Medical issues: No diagnosed medical issues, assessment in progress.
Current medication: No current medications administered to client.
Part 2: Description
Rose Jones (child client) parents were referred to myself to be seen by primary health care provider. Rose has been seen a number of times by primary health care provider due to concern of Roses behavior, appetite, mood swings, and a consistent emotion of being sad. Rose has had a huge loss of interest in daily activities to include school, school and homework, extracurricular activities, and involvement in family activities. Client is described to have a persistent depressed mood which has caused impairment to daily life. Primary and health care provider and parents have asked for assessment to be done and a medical diagnostic if there is one. Once assessed and diagnosed, if therapy is needed parents have given consent to therapy sessions in agreement to working towards assisting Rose. Parents have also given consent to medication usage if any needed.
Rose’s behavior in schooled has altered very much. Outbursts of different emotions frequently happening causing behavioral issues in class. Emotions range from sad, mad, confused, and unhappy. Moods often...

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