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Childhood Obesity In America Essay

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IntroductionTalking about the sociologically obesity, first we should know about the term obesity that what is obesity? When there is a large amount of fat in the body caused when a person eats immoderately and gain more energy, this is called obesity. Existing obese in your body can be a very contrary affects on body. Being overweight and obesity is mostly measured by BMI (Body Mass Index), which asks person's gender, height and weight. BMI is calculated by formula in which height is squared which is then divided by your weight, units of both height and weight are kept in SI units which is meters and kilograms. If your Body Mass Index is in the range of 25 - 30 then you are a normal but if ...view middle of the document...

According to the research of National Council it is a chronic condition which mostly occurred in humans by dispersion of fats in body and speed of depositing the fatty tissues in the body. Distribution of fat throughout the body can be analyses by the skin fold, ratio of waist to hip and most of the techniques of modern science like CT (computed tomography), ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging. This does not mean that fat is useless and unnecessary nutrient but in limited amount of fat is necessary for insulation of heat, absorption of shock, energy storing and other functions. If you talk about the normal amount of fat in the body which is categorized like 25-30 percent for women and 18-23 percent is for men so definitely a men over 25 percent and women over 30 percent is said to be obese.This disease Obesity is a composite, multiple chronic diseases which includes cultural and social or we can say environmental, metabolic, genetic, psychological, behavioral, physiologic and behavioral components that have widely spread an outbreak disease in the United States. The statistical bar has showed that to disease has a ramp increasing graph with a very speed manner. We can estimate the increasing rate of Obesity by reviewing that there was a 16 years old boy whose Body Mass Index when checked it was 21.3 in 2002 and later on it increased with 24.1, and as our age increase or as we grow our chances of becoming patient of obesity is more increases.There was a survey of Nutrition Examination survey and National...

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