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China has expanded basic education for their people by quadrupling its output for college graduates, however by doing this it has created a system that discriminates against its less wealthy and well-connected citizens, preventing social mobility at every step with bureaucratic and financial barriers. One of the main problems is that there’s a huge gap in educational opportunities between students from rural areas and from the cities. Students in rural areas are known as “left-behind children”, and their grandparents take care of them while their parents are working in faraway cities. It’s good to attend urban schools because they are equipped with with state-of-the-art facilities and well-trained teachers, whereas rural students gather in very old school buildings and struggle to take advanced subjects like English and Chemistry. I feel bad for the rural students because most of them head directly to the factories after they finish middle school. Apparently the return is larger than going to a third-rate college. The opportunity for a decent education for migrant students who follow their parents to the cities is similarly limited. The Hukou System, which is a residency status that ties access to subsidized social services to one’s hometown, denies rural children the right to enter urban public schools. Instead migrant children are sent to private schools that charge higher tuition and offer subpar education. The preconditions for admission for migrant workers seem intended less to promote educational equity than to worsen the discrimination. Parents have switched jobs, sued the government, and arranged divorces to get around onerous documentation requirements. Many urban migrants have no choice but to send their children back to their rural hometowns for mediocre schooling. Also China requires students to take the national college entrance examination in their home province, and the top tier universities allocate higher admission quotas to first-tier cit...


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1355 words - 6 pages children’s education level(Koen, V. et al (2013). However, there are still many problems in China’s children’s education. First, the Chinese teaching method is still very traditional and does not encourage students' active participation. One of the major problems is that only Chinese people speak and teach in the classroom, not the languages of ethnic minorities. Moreover, many primary schools are completely unequipped in China, lacking equipment and

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3328 words - 14 pages Free Why are issues of inequality in early childhood important and how do they impact on the experiences of children and adults in an early childhood setting? “Children Belong together there is no reason whatsoever to separate them in school or otherwise” (Florian, 1998) Welcome to my reflective essay on inequalities and discrimination in early childhood and the impact they have. Inequality is defined by (Webster, 2019) as the “disparity of

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3453 words - 14 pages , education, housing, diet, employment, and conditions of work” (McIntosh Gray, 1981). Overall, the report found materialist explanations to be the most important in explaining social class differences in health. However, when looking at the UK specifically, income and social inequality can be questioned when determining the cause for poor public health. This is because, in the UK, relatively disadvantaged people receive various kinds of government

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821 words - 4 pages and so on. Conclusions Educational aspirations are universally high for all racial and ethnic groups. Immigrant and minority families may work differently in translating aspirations into achievement and aspirations. It is clear that race and ethnicity are central to understanding and evaluating education policy and practice in the United States. Also, a realistic evaluation of success and failures in decreasing inequality based on race and socio

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1323 words - 6 pages modernize China by adopting Western knowledge and technology in schools and the military. This modernization refers to the Tongzhi restoration and the Self-Strengthening movement which took place from 1862 to 1894. Through the Tongzhi restoration and the Self-Strengthening movement, China aimed to reverse the decline of the Qing Dynasty by improving the economy and military and maintaining good relations with Western powers. This essay aims to

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2566 words - 11 pages obstacles to effective environmental policies. VI. Conclusion A. Postwar Economic Prosperity 1. The end of the Cold War came as a result of economic stress and political changes in the Soviet Union. 2. Postwar recovery by the industrial powers, Japan, the Asian Tigers, and ultimately China provided worldwide economic growth. International markets were more integrated and open than at any other time. B. Postwar Inequality 1. The new postwar prosperity

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4342 words - 18 pages businesses in China are not willing to pay the extra costs of hiring a female which come with paternity leave. This has lead to a rise in propaganda that a women’s place is at home and to solely be a mother. This couple with strict migration laws has led many women seeking employment so be deemed as ‘second-class’ citizens. This revival of traditional gender norms within China, will be evaluated within this essay to show how it has contributed to a high

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1050 words - 5 pages Free to meet up to the expectations of the Little Emperors has led to many falling into depression due to failing to meet these expectations, with 25% of university students in China having reported suicidal thoughts (Clark 356). In recent decades however, China has begun to address some of these issues, such as establishing a suicide-prevention hotline in 2003 (Clark 357) and even abandoning the one-child policy altogether in 2015. After having read

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3499 words - 14 pages -strengthens-environmental-laws-polluting-factories] [32:] China’s 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) also addresses such issues specifically the development of “services and measures to address environmental imbalances, setting targets to reduce pollution, to increase energy efficiency, to improve access to education and healthcare, and to expand

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3381 words - 14 pages having attained near universal access. However, if this achievement is to be translated into educational transformation (Aron 2010). 4.1.3 Promote gender equality and empower women The primary aim of the Millennium Development Goal it is to end gender inequality in order to grant access for previously disadvantage women into primary and secondary education. This goal mainly encourage and motivates women empowerment and female presence in the states

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4099 words - 17 pages better.” Relevant Connections What real-world connections can you make to your topic? (Social class, growing up, friendship, teenage life, innocence, insecurity, gender, violence, law enforcement, etc.) Consider current issues and events. Write here... Early Thesis Based on everything in the boxes above, write a thesis statement that makes a claim about the novel and/or the real world. Guide to Writing Literary Essay Thesis Statements PRO TIP

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543 words - 3 pages Free the University of Chicago. She has done much research in race and ethnicity, Education, Adolescence, and Adaptation of Immigrants. Among her resume is a list of books that she has co-authored such as "Do Race and Ethnicity Matter among Friends" and "Interracial Relationships and the Transition to Adulthood". Dr. Kao has found a relationship between students in various racial and ethnic categories and the fact that they apply these stereotypes to

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3826 words - 16 pages countries & Terrorism Territorial and maritime disputes in the East China Sea as well as in the South China Sea have been causing issues for China’s relationships with the nearby or bordering countries. The stressful situation could deteriorate the country’s relationships with the neighboring states hurting its political and economic interests (Zalengera, 2014). China is also among the countries that have seen ethnic violence and some experts in