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The Qin Dynasty was beneficial to the people of China for many reasons. Social, political and economic topics are three that benefited an extreme amount.The social topic was benefited very much. For almost all of time, people from different parts of China could not communicate with each other very well. During the Qin Dynasty, a standard written language was established. This way, almost all people throughout China could communicate through a writing system but not by mouth.Many different things were benefited politically in the Qin Dynasty. When the Qin took over their empire, they realized that rivers in the east and south surrounded them. This meant that they were safe from any sudden attack from those directions. The east and north were a different story though. They had nothing in the way except some mountainous areas, but mountains would not stop any armies. This is why the Qin established the Great Wall of China. Before the separate countries in China were taken over by the Qin, they all had their own walls to protect themselves. The Qin took these walls, connected them and made them stronger. This is where the Great Wall of China came from. So at the same time, two major political changes were made. One, many individual smaller countries were unified together to create a large country that had more power. Two, the Great Wall of China was built which is a "wonder of the world" today and protected the Qin Dynasty from attack.The third topic that had major benefits was economics. Economics were a major problem all around the world. Different parts of the world had different currency. When the Qin Dynasty took over, they created a standard money system throughout their empire. This helped trade throughout the China and helped governments and people pay bills and taxes in an easier way. Another reason that economics were boosted was because the Qin designed a centralized transportation system and commerce. People were able to get from city to city easier and faster, which helped boost the economics tremendously. Better commerce is another reason it boosted.In conclusion, the people of China during the Qin Dynasty were benefited in many different ways. The main reasons they were benefited were political, economical and social. The Great Wall of China was created and protected the area, a standard written language was created to enhance communication, and a central money system was created. For all of these reasons and more, the Qin Dynasty made the people of China live better and easier lives.


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1106 words - 5 pages pots, jewelry, pipes and cosmetics. However, this meant the Romans had some problems with lead poisoning. Too much lead can result in metabolic disorder. Lead interferes with normal enzymes reactions with the human body. It can mimic other metals that are essential to biological functioning. Qin Dynasty: Qin united China in 221 BC, mainly through force. Their strategies were tactical but that wasn’t the only reason that led to them conquered China

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507 words - 3 pages Manchu's were then forced to pursue a course of reform, which they called self strengthening. (1870-1890). They aimed to learn Western technology, industry and language, and a return to the Confucian ideal of the 'middle man'. The reform failed as China was too large to initiate reform and officials were set in their ways. This undermined the dynasty yet again. In 1898 Kuang Hsu (Cixi's nephew) took over government and desperate for solutions

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465 words - 2 pages The Qin/Ch'in Dynasty (221 BC - 206 BC) was preceded by the Zhou Dynasty and followed by the Han Dynasty in China. The unification of China 221 BC under the First Emperor (Qin Shi Huangdi) marked the beginning of imperial China.The Qin government was totalitarian, which placed absolute power in the hands of the ruler, ruling by means of strict laws and harsh punishments. Qin Shihuangdi ruled exactly like this and took severe actions to eliminate

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498 words - 2 pages Beginning of Shang dynasty- (1700 BC)The first known civilization in china whose people produced the first known Chinese writing system. They also built the first cities and were experts at bronze work.Birth of Confucius (551 BC)He was considered as the first official teacher. He had teachings and came up with the simple Golden Rule. And became the teachings of Confucianism.Beginning of Qin Dynasty (221 BC)The Great wall was built. It improved

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604 words - 3 pages west to Liaodong (in today's Jilin Province) in the east. The wall not only served as a defence in the north but also symbolized the power of the emperor.From the Qin Dynasty onwards, Xiongnu, an ancient tribe that lived in North China, frequently harassed the northern border of the country. During the Han Dynasty, Emperor Wu (Han Wu Di), sent three expeditions to fight against the Xiongnu in 127 BC, 121 BC and 119 BC. The Xiongnu were driven into

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702 words - 3 pages Shang Yang Shang Yang was a very important figure of the Qin dynasty during the Warring States period. During his time, Shang reformed the Qin in numerous ways. These reforms were all in line with his Legalist philosophy. One of his reforms was the different philosophy he had to the rule of law and the importance and reenforcement of law. Hw believed this so strongly that he considered its importance to be above that of a family's importance

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864 words - 4 pages extensive tombs were made by a brutal ruler, who assumed the title ​Shi Huangdi​, known as the “First Emperor”. I believe that these terracotta horses will be a good decision to place in the 3 museum because it will open the eyes of the visitors to explore these complex ancient tombs that were built for the First Emperor of China and to learn more about Ancient China during the Qin dynasty. Therefore, both of the chosen artworks, ​A Great Wish​ and

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512 words - 3 pages reasons in the downfall of Qing Dynasty. External Factors European Imperialism was one major contributing factor in the downfall of Qing Dynasty. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the power of Europe was the large over China and Africa. The most effective happen was Opium war in the main cause of Qing Dynasty, which Britain could impose unequal treaty to take the control of Hong Kong. Opium war was that China started to import

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546 words - 3 pages because China has the biggest market in the world, drawing eager foreigners to do business there. The way the Qing dynasty came to an end is very ironic to me. After all of the years of a communist government, the last straw for the people of China was a petty incident too much western interference. After China allowed western businesses in in the early 1900’s and began modeling their own businesses after them, a bad habit of borrowing money from

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436 words - 2 pages , the period of time in East Asian history under consideration, and which countries are being included in the discussion? 2. Should the introduction define clearly the topic that will be discussed and also offer a tentative assessment? (For example, to what extent were Japan and Korea impacted by China and to what extent were their histories entirely unique?) 3. Should the essay assess the status of China as of the Tang Dynasty, when Korea and

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1023 words - 5 pages Free most populous civilization in Eurasia. China's success beginning under the great Tang dynasty (618-907) would prove to be the longest lasting period of success in world history. Indeed, the Tang dynasty is regarded by many historians as the most glorious period of China's long history. The years during which the Tang empire experienced its greatest power established pattern for China that would continue throughout the Song and Ming dynasties into

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1257 words - 6 pages the Confucian Legacy, 01/31). This idea highly influenced Chinese people not only in the Qing dynasty but also Kong I-chi and Liu dapeng in 1919. Lu Xun was one of the most famous pioneers in the New Culture Movement. in that period of China, new scholars began to think that Confucian ideas are too old and depress (The May 4th Movement and the Founding of the CCP, 02/19). Then he wrote a series of short stories to describe the person with old

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1247 words - 5 pages Chinese patriotism. He admired rebels who dedicated their lives to fighting against the Qing (Manchu) Dynasty since he himself had grown dissatisfied with that government. Yat-Sen dreamed of schemes to strengthen China both economically and politically from within and being cooperatively accepted by the conspiratorial Chinese secret societies contributed to his political success.Sun began his political career in eighteen ninety-four when China

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646 words - 3 pages Free fish.Regardless of class, Chinese had two meals a day. One was at mid morning. The other was before nightfall.China is noted for it's tea, but before it was invented in China warm rice beer was usually drunken. The Chinese in the Han dynasty developed tea.Fish was important to the Chinese. By 100 BC artificial ponds were made to breed carp.Hunting was usually considered a sport. The meat they caught was sold at the market, eaten, or preserved.The Chinese

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499 words - 2 pages background on the han dynasty is that it was the second imperial dynasty of China. Today, majority ethnic group in china is called the Han People. Therefore, Ai Weiwei is trying to say the government of china is dropping, in other word corrupting. With that the people of china are also being impacted. Some people may say that Ai Weiwei was honoring his country instead of rebelling because he was trying to grow his country into a better place