Chinese Philosophy That Change Your Life Live Better Eng 111 Essay

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ENG 111
Professor: Guixia Yin
The Three Point of Chinese Philosophy by Michael Puett
Have you ever heard or thought that would it have anything could change your life better? If yes, how did it change your life?. According to the article, “ Why Are Hundreds of Harvard Students Studying Ancient Chinese Philosophy” say Michael Puett. In the article, they talk about one professor that use “ Chinese Philosophy as a way to give undergraduates concrete, counter-intuitive, and even revolutionary ideas, which teach them how to live a better life” and one of the student who had taken his course says that the class has change his perspective of himself, his peer and the way he thinks of the world. However, Michael Puett teaches his student in many different things such as make the different by doing a small action, making decision from the heart and behaving kindly even you are in a good mood.
In a world of a lot people, it is also just as easy to forget that we, as individuals, really can make a difference despite the number of people on this wonderful, beautiful, and amazing planet. It is easy to get caught up in our own mindset and personal place, which means it is easy to forget that the smallest of our actions can have a very large impact “ The smallest actions have the most profound ramifications. “Think about how easy it is to dismiss someone else’s feelings in favor of your own thoughts and actions and emotions. We all do it, most of the time without thinking about the consequences. In fact, but if you think about it, the tiniest shift in perspective, and actions, has...

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