Chopin Romantic Era Composer Paper Music Appreciation Homework Assignment

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1. Write about your favorite composer's life. This section should include at least 3 things that they were known for
My favorite composer that I loved the most in the set list was Frederic Chopin. Frederic Chopin, born March 1, 1810 in Zelazowa Wola, Poland, was a Polish-French composer and renown pianist during the Romantic period. At the very young age of 7, Chopin was already playing the piano and publishing his very own composition. What made Chopin so distinct was the fact that almost all of his pieces he composed were for the piano. He wrote no symphonies, operas, or choirs. Almost all of his pieces are for a solo piano. Although many of the other composers at the time made very loud music, Chopin in contrast composed very calm quite sounding compositions. His work is very calm and soothing. Chopin would come to be known one of the greatest tone poets of that time due to his imagination and skillfulness. He would create solo work, successfully, in attempt to paint an impression of a scene or mood, captivating all who listened. In his personal life, Chopin would be known for having several love affairs along with the curse of being ill most of his life. By 1832, in his twenties, he traveled a many of places and finally moved to Paris. It would be here where Chopin would mingle with high society and become a well-known piano teacher. Although he was highly influential, his music did not always bring in large crowds, like other composers did. In October 17, 1849, the great pianist and composer Frederic Chopin would die in Paris, France.
2. List at least 2 things that you liked about their music, using musical terms that you have learned from this class.
I like Chopin’s music because of its elegancy, calmness, and because most of his pieces are written for the piano. There is a curtain timbre or sound that comes from his piano pieces that I can listen to all day. I would describe his music as liquid, graceful, and refined. Chopin music used a type of rhythmic technique called rubato, used a lot by Chopin, by slowing up or speeding down the music’s melody...


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