Cinco De Mayo Spanish Assignment Spanish Ii Essay

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Reggie Diggs
Mrs. Savala
Spanish II
Date 5-2-18
Diesiseis de Septembre and Cinco de Mayo
Diesiseis de Septembre is Mexican Independence Day. Mexican Independence Day is a day where people celebrate the events people that eventually resulted in independence from Spain, the country that had control over the territory of New Spain, as it was also know then. Fueled by three centuries of oppression and sparked by a call “Grito de Dolores” to revolt in 1810 by the respected Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo, the first call to arms was made in the village of Dolores, in the state of Guanajuato. The uprising pitted the poor indigenous indians and mixed mestizo groups against the priviledged classes of Spanish descent, and pushed them into a violent and bloody battle for freedom from Spain. Cinco de Mayo on the other hand is actually a commemoration of a victory by Mexican troops in La Batalla de Puebla more that fifty years later, on May 5, 1862. From the time of Mexican Independence in 1821 to the time of this battle in 1862, México suffered numerous setbacks in its attempts to form a stable republic, and endured several incursions into its sovereignty as an independent nation. Fifteen years into its independence, Texas seceded from México. The Texas Revolt was led by "American-Mexicans," Anglos who immigrated from the United States to México, promising to obey Mexican laws and respect Mexican traditions. This revolt eventually led to the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), a war won by the U. S. As a result, México was forced to surrender approximately half of its territory to the U. S. México, which had never been financially stable, underwent a severe economic crisis during the 1850s.
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