Cinderella: Role Of Glass Slippers Fic Engl112 Essay

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Rivya Madan
Dr. Alison Dean
28 February, 2018
Role Of Slippers In The Search Of True Love
Thesis Statement:
What really is the significance of the magical slippers? Would there be any difference If there had been any other material instead or no slippers at all? In my essay, I would like to shred light on the magical slippers that help Cinderella transform, may it be glass or gold; thus shining as a sexual and functional component. It is important to realise the transitions in the adapted versions and why they are necessary, the pure and angelic young beauty was paid off for her sweat and tears. However, similar plot persists despite the fact of different authors writing those stories with distinct minds throughout periods of time.
Cinderella, first published in 1697 in Paris was contained in a collection of eight fairy tales by the renowned French author, Charles Perrault and this adored story has won hearts of many generations since its earliest versions.This story has had a numerous figures of adaptations; thus making room for different cultures. The story of Cinderella is a tale based on equality; it is a perfect instance of how one should be treated. Sadly, Cinderella is treated awfully and neglected by other blood.Cinderella is a fairytale of morality, unjust behaviour, envy and suffering.
When looking for adaptations of fairytales, one tries to search for original sources, which is a very tough job as no one really knows where the tales originally come from as essentially were a word of mouth, thus passed on. While comparing ample number of adaptions, I found ‘The Yen-Shen Cinderella story’, The Chinese Cinderella Version as really relatable and lovely to draw comparison with the original ‘Perrault’s’ version of Cinderella story. The start and close of this Chinese version is an ideal one beginning with “In the dim past”, thus creating excitement and eagerness to know whats coming next and ends with a light-hearted closing saying “he has found his true love”
The tale essentially talks about Cinderella as an oppressed and mistreated young beauty who lost her mother at a very tender age and lives in the shadow of her cruel, selfish stepmother and two mean step sisters who only care about themselves .Yet, she is portrayed as a sweet and innocent girl who always respect the orders of her evil stepmother despite being ill-treated.
In the Chinese version, Cinderella used to sit by fish’s side which was her closest friend. Cinderella would always chat with the fish whenever she had a heavy heart. But the cruel stepmother was very envious of the little girl and poisoned her fish. The fish relieved the young girl even after her death. The godmother told the sad little girl that she could ask for three wishes from the bones of her friend’s body .
The king organised a ball for the prince and invited all of the nobility, wherein the Prince would marry the most beautiful girl. She was disheartened as she could see no array of hope to enjoy ...


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