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Chapter 4: Overview of Preventive Maintenance
Preventive maintenance is the regular and systematic inspection, cleaning, and replacement of worn parts, materials, and systems. Effective preventive maintenance reduces part, material, and system faults, and keeps hardware and software in good working condition.
Troubleshooting is the systematic process used to locate the cause of a fault in a computer system and correct the relevant hardware and software issues.
In this chapter, you will learn general guidelines for troubleshooting procedures and creating preventive maintenance programs. These guidelines are a starting point to help you develop your preventive maintenance and troubleshooting skills.
Benefits of Preventive Maintenance
There are several considerations for preventive maintenance plans. Preventive maintenance plans are developed based on at least two factors:
· Computer location or environment - Computers that are exposed to dusty environments, such as those used on construction sites, as shown in the figure, require more attention than computers located in an office environment.
· Computer use - High-traffic networks, such as a school network, might require additional scanning and removal of malicious software and unwanted files.
Document the routine maintenance tasks that must be performed on the computer components and the frequency of each task. You can then use this list of tasks to create a preventive maintenance plan.
Be proactive in computer maintenance and data protection. By performing regular maintenance routines, you can reduce potential hardware and software problems. Regular maintenance routines reduce computer downtime and repair costs. Preventive maintenance also offers these benefits:
· Improves data protection
· Extends the life of the components
· Improves equipment stability
· Reduces the number of equipment failures
Preventive Maintenance Tasks
Check the condition of the cables, components, and peripherals. Clean components to reduce the likelihood of overheating. Repair or replace any component that shows signs of damage or excess wear.
Use these tasks as a guide to creating a hardware maintenance plan:
· Remove dust from fans.
· Remove dust from the power supply.
· Remove dust from the components inside the computer and peripheral equipment, such as printers.
· Clean the mouse, keyboard, and display.
· Check for and secure any loose cables.
Verify that installed software is current. Follow the policies of the organization when installing security updates, operating system updates, and program updates. Many organizations do not allow updates until extensive testing has been completed. This testing is done to confirm that the update will not cause problems with the operating system and software. The figure shows the Windows 8.1 Update screen.
Use these tasks as a guide to creating a software maintenance schedule that fits your needs:
· Review and install the appropriate security updates.
· Rev...

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