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According to Dan Flory’s “Spike Lee and the Sympathetic Racist,” how does “racial allegiance” influence spectatorship? How might Do the Right Thingchallenge a spectator’s “racial allegiance”? (200 words)
Lee probes white audiences investment in what might be called their “racial allegiances,” a dimension of film narrative pertaining to the manner in which audiences become morally allied to characters through categories and presumptions about race. Foregrounding racial allegiances allows him to depict the way in which ideas of race may affect characters’ and audience members’ behavior at much deeper levels cognitively, emotionally, and morally than many of them realize. By offering a critical perspective on their investment in race, Lee issues his viewers a philosophical challenge, both within the context of their narrative understanding and their lives generally. In focusing audience attention on a character toward whom they feel favorably while also revealing that character’s racism, Lee constructs a film that philosophizes by developing a conception of what it means to be racist that fundamentally challenges white viewers to inspect their own presumptions about how they see themselves and others.
Lee depicts sympathetic racist characters so that viewers may initially form positive allegiances with them in spite of those characters’ anti-black beliefs and actions, which in earlier stages of the narrative seem trivial, benign, unimportant, or may even go unnoticed. He then alienates viewers from such characters by revealing the harmfulness of these typically white beliefs and actions.
According to Robert Carringer, what were some of the innovative techniques and technologies deployed by Perry Ferguson and Gregg Toland that helped Orson Welles achieve deep focus cinematography and the “realism” that Andre Bazin appreciated? (200 words)
The first set of advances involves the sharpness of the film image. In the 1930s, the typical studio style tended toward heavily diffused lighting, soft tonality, and a relatively shallow depth of field. Several developments made a sharper, deeper, h...


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340 words - 2 pages The film premiered on May 1, 1941. "Citizen Kane" is about, a newspaper tycoon, Citizen Foster Kane, and it chronicles his life from a young boy to his death. It starts off with his death and his dying word being rosebud. This was a sleigh he played with as a child. We only see his life through the eyes of his friends and enemies. It's impossible to totally see what this movie is all about, but it is basically just about one man's emptiness and

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556 words - 3 pages class AP-6A. Practice problem from workbook chapter 11 on page 566 to 567. Problem AP-6B. 7. One question is Inventory Journal entries (Chapter 7) worth 23 marks. 8 transactions. You are required to do the General Journal entries for these transactions. Similar to Quiz 4. Review Chapter 7 AME PowerPoint. Chapter 7 online labs under Review Lab Practice section within AME. Practice problems from grey workbook on page 233 and 338. Problems AP-13A


4842 words - 20 pages status of women; interregional trade and society —the place of Southeast Asia. Thursday: First Book Review Due (the 28th): “Siddhartha” (online) and “The Indian Life” on Blackboard. How does the novel reflect Hindu-Buddhist values and stages of life appropriate to a person’s jati incorrectly called by a Portuguese word (caste). No Quiz, but student’s responsible for all Student Learning Outcomes. Oct. 2, Week 6: Roman and Empire; the emergence of

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1080 words - 5 pages mathematics courses where one error can result in an inaccurate solution. The obvious problem here is the student receives minimal feedback on the mistakes they made, and are unable to learn from them. Another concern is most online courses allow students to take quizzes more than once. Students can memorize the quiz content without truly learning the subject matter. Their answers are rehearsed, much like lines in a play, with a majority of the

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828 words - 4 pages message may be sent to men, women, young people, or the larger “American “ society?) Why? ANALYSIS OF OPPRESSION (Level 3) 6) How does this text show, influence, or encourage institutional, interpersonal, or internalized oppression? Make sure you use the frameworks defined above and underline the necessary key words. BE SPECIFIC! USE DETAILS! Quiz 1 Study Guide I can identify multiple and varied media forms and media companies and who control them. I

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1246 words - 5 pages ". (2006, July 26). In Retrieved 14:00, April 16, 2019, from More Film Review and Analysis essays: The "Dancing in the Dark" scene of "The Band Wagon" by Vincente Minelli. ... the Dark ' is the first complete number lends even more credibility to the theory that this scene foreshadows the eventually relationship that is to spring up between the

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3300 words - 14 pages Free 21289026: Alexander Kane Beezer Film Movement Assignment 2 13 April 2018 In French New Wave, the style of authorship is evident and is portrayed when the director is the creative influence behind the film. Dogme 95 rejects this theory of authorship and suggests that film is a collaborative effort, not solely influenced by the director, which creates a paradox by a director’s distinct style, with each film. Authorship is a

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500 words - 2 pages : In depth tactics analysis of shooting. (explanation of when to shoot and shooting form) 16 Hour 9: analysis of importance of dribbling (explanation of how to make space) 18 Hour 10: analysis of passing importance (how to move around defences and score points using passes) 23 Hour 11: movement and footwork drills. 6 Hour 13: teaching about rules (travelling and verbal abuse rules) 8 Hour 14: teaching about rules (personal foul rules) 13 Hour 15

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649 words - 3 pages Free ISS210 Section 37 Extra Credit: Film Analysis This extra credit can add up to 6% to your overall course grade. It must conform to standard academic writing and formatting. You must include the citation for the film at the beginning of your submission. Watch a documentary film from the list provided. Identify the social problem. There are two ways a film engages with a social problem. One way to identify a social problem is direct. The film we

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4167 words - 17 pages the rules of grammar, is also subtly persuading you to use them in your writing. Even a simple stop sign is persuading you to stop at the intersection before proceeding. On the other hand, some purposes are more argumentative than others. When you wrote about a day that made a difference, you were mainly informing the reader. When you wrote your rhetorical analysis, you evaluated the commercial, and when you wrote about your decision, you were

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2188 words - 9 pages lenses permits greater depth of field but also causes expressive distortion in close-ups, an influence from the cinematography and lighting on ‘Citizen Kane’. · Other features of the film noir style include the use of low-key lighting, and night for night shooting, both create harsh contrasts between the light and dark areas of the frame, where the dark predominates, paralleling the moral chaos of the world they represent. The darkness of Film

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808 words - 4 pages Bryan Howard Professor Gillette Intro to Philosophy 7/12/18 A philosophical analysis of “Being John Malkovich” “Being John Malkovich” is certainly a unique film with a very interesting and unique plotline. It brings up a lot of questions about what it means to be someone else, what it means to be yourself and most importantly what it means to be John Malkovich. In the Movie a Puppeteer named Craig Schwartz finds a portal in an office building

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853 words - 4 pages task is way too easy or way too difficult it becomes an issue and affects motivation. The second point is saying that teachers should make sure the students understand the importance of learning, how effort can control how well the student does in the class. Student motivation is increased when they get to decide certain grading policies in the classroom like whether homework should count as much as a quiz. The third point includes that teachers

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