Civics Assignment Which Makes Student Create A Video On The Different Issues In Today's Society Science Poster

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Khalsa Community School
Grade 10, Civics, CHV20
The Rant Assignment
Student Name: ____________________ Date: __________________
Student Mark
Possible Mark
Expectations Covered: A2, B1, B3
· Watch an example of a Rick Mercer Rant
· Choose a current, social issue topic (get it approved). This topic needs to be about something that has been reported on frequently in recent months in the media. (i.e. effects of teen bullying, anti-homophobia responses, violence against women, the stifling of freedom of expression, etc.)
· Research your social issue and gather facts, statistics about your topic.
· Begin to write your rant; try to echo the style Rick Mercer uses.
· Your rant must deal with a challenge to or compromising of the democratic values. A limitation to an individual’s rights and freedom according to the charter is what you are aiming to rant about. Be sure your rant includes a strong bias about your social issue, various facts, stats about your topic and how it affects individuals and the rest of the world.
· Be sure your rant includes 3-4 points that are a “call to action” (i.e. what you want people to do about this issue after hearing your rant).
· Have your script approved by Ms.Saini.
· Once your script is approved, begin filming your rant
· Hand in your rant in the following ways: email it to me, or it on an USB device
· Rants and final copy of the script are due on ________________.
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Knowledge of the issue is explored through essential questions
Solid research from sources( references)
Research is used to support argument
Demonstrates limited knowledge of the issue explored through essential questions
Demonstrates limited knowledge of research from sources
Demonstrates some knowledge of the issue explored through essential questions
Demonstrates some knowledge of research from sources
Demonstrates limited considerable of the issue explored through essential questions
Demonstrates considerable knowledge of research from sources
Demonstrates thorough knowledge of the issue explored through essential questions
Demonstrates thorough knowledge of research from sources
Uses planning and processing skills to generate ideas and gather and organize information on chosen topic
( a clearly articulated and appropriate challenge to democratic...

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