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SPAN 104 Fall 2016
Clase en casa 2
Today’s class focus is preparing for our first cultural activity. We will have a Hispanic guest in our class and you all will have to ask him/her questions about his/her family, etc. let’s practice!
You will work using "Interacciones " on pages 26-27 to help you with examples, but we have modified some activities to relate them with our cultural activity. For this section you will need to think of a special person to you, and share some of his/her information. For the “Árbol genealógico” (genealogical tree), you will need to search on the web for a few aspects from a Hispanic family or Hispanic descent family. You must bring and turn in you work as indicated on Blackboard, but during our first cultural activity you might want to bring today’s class to help you with some examples.
1. “Interacciones”. Gente página 26.
A) Read page 26 to learn about Gente’s “Estrategias para la comunicación oral”. These strategies will be very useful to be able to ask questions to our guest.
B) Think of someone who is really special to you. He/she can be a family member, a friend, a professor, a student, etc. Now, you need to fill out this person’s chart.
1. Crea la ficha de tu persona especial (page 26). Make sure you are following this document’s instructions since the exercise has been modified from the book. Look carefully at the following example, before creating your special person’s “Ficha”.
Nombre: se llama María
Apellidos: su apellido es Jover Pino
Estado Civil: es soltera
Edad: tiene treinta y un años
Profesión: trabaja en una compañía de informática.
Aficiones: toma fotografía, va al teatro o actúa
Personalidad: es muy (bastante, poco, etc.) inteligente.
Relación contigo: es mi vecina (verbo ser / los posesivos “mi” están en la página 25 de Gente).
Crea la ficha de tu persona especial.
Nombre: se llama Marissa Paste PICTURE OF YOUR SPECIAL PERSON.
Apellidos: su apellido es Satterfield
Estado Civil: es soltera
Edad: tiene dieciocho
Profesión: estudiante a universidad
Aficiones: baliar, comer, salir, y juega tenis
Personalidad: es comíca, intelligente, y bonita
Relación contigo: mi mejor amiga
2. Write down a question to that special person, asking his/her nationality, and one more question asking her/him about his/her weekend activities. (use present tense/ page 34).
Select the way you use to refer to that person (formal or informal).
Formal (usted form)
Informal (tú)
Pregunta 1: ¿Cuál es tu nationalidad?
Pregunta 2: ¿Qué te gusta en la fin de semana?
3. Describe 2 “aficiones”, 2 “características de su personalidad” and mention her/his profession.
Make sure you are using present tense, and the vocabulary for this lesson. (If help needed, see pages 34-37)
Marissa es la estudiante a la Universidad porque ella es muy intellegente. Tambíen Marissa es trabajadora.
“Árbol genealógico”.
This section will help you prepare for our guest (Entrevista cultural 1). Therefore, you need to practice by researching on the web about one of the following families.
(if you decide to work with your own family, you will still need to compare your family with a Hispanic’s or Hispanic descendant’s family. The purpose is to observe if you can see any cultural differences in terms of size, profession, marital status-age, etc.).
____La familia de Carlos Slim
____La familia de Frida Kahlo
____La familia de Salma Hayek
____La familia de Jessica Alba
____Otra familia hispanohablante. La familia de ¿quién? _______________________________.
____Mi familia.
A) Search on the web to answer the following questions. Make sure you read the instructions below as well.
1. ¿Cuántas generaciones vas a describir? (familia nuclear o extendida). You can choose nuclear or extended, but focus on describing only 2 people in questions 4, 5, 6 and 7.
2. ¿Cuántos años tienen las personas? (at least two people, but numbers spelled out).
3. ¿Qué nacionalidades tienen las personas? (at least two, but different ones)
4. ¿Hay gente divorciada, soltera, viuda, etc. en la familia? focus on describing only 2 people.
5. ¿a qué se dedican, cuál es su ocupación o profesión? focus on describing only 2 people.
6. ¿Cuáles son algunas características de las personalidades de los integrantes de esta familia? focus on describing only 2 people.
7. ¿Cuáles son algunas aficiones de los miembros de esta familia? focus on describing only 2 people.
8. ¿La estructura de esta familia se parece a tu familia? ¿Por qué sí o no? (if you decided to work with your own family, you still need to compare your family with one Hispanic or Hispanic descendant’s family).

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