Class Officer Primary Election Form

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Class Officer Primary Election Form

In order for your name to appear on the ballot, a complete application following all directions is required. This process will take time and the deadline is firm, as in a civic election.
Please plan ahead (i. e. you need signatures, essays, etc. ) Turn into your advisor by the end of 4th hour, September 15th.

Office Sought:________________________

Class Advisors:
Freshman: Mrs. Mathia
Sophomores: Ms. Conlin
Juniors: Mrs. Kane
Seniors: Mrs. Kane

The following dates are important to all perspective class officer candidates:

1. September 8th: Nomination papers available for officers on line.

2. September 15th : Completed nomination papers due: Return them to the class advisor by the end of 4th hour. Nomination papers will not be accepted after this deadline. They must be turned in to your advisor in person. At this time you will receive a receipt for all required components of the application. Papers turned into the mailbox will disqualify you from running for office.
Teacher recommendations need to be returned directly by your teachers to the class advisor by the end of this school day.

Questions A and B (on following pages) must be completed.
You must have 25 signatures from fellow classmates and four adult references and their signatures.
As soon as your papers have been turned into the advisor, you may hang election posters.
Mrs. Schenk must approve all election posters and propaganda first. If posters are hung or other propaganda distributed that are not approved, this will disqualify you from running for office.
No candy or other types of gifts may be given out to promote your candidacy. This will also result in disqualification.

3. September 15th: Primary Elections (if needed) online voting.
Online voting ends at 10:15 am Sept. 20th Right after morning announcements If no preliminary election is needed, online voting will run from Sept. 15th Sept. 22nd 3:09 p. m) 4. September 21st: Candidates progressing to the Final Elections names' will be announced on the morning announcements (if applicable).

5. September 21-27th 3:09 pm on-line voting.

7. September 29th: The 2017-18 Class Officers will be announced during morning announcements.

Class Officer Duties and Responsibilities All officers are expected to Attend every officer meeting. (All officer meetings: once/month) (Class meetings: biweekly) Represent your class with the highest standards or personal, professional, and ethical conduct.
Violations will require disqualification from service, along with any appropriate and necessary school and district consequences.
Work as a team Freshmen Senior class officers President:
Sets agenda and leads meetings Communicates with staff/faculty, students, PTO, and administrat...

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