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Class Project
The class project that you are required to complete this semester consists of a formal essay over a topic that you will select. Your essay is due by the July 2nd. It must be double-spaced, written with a font size of 12 or smaller, based on the APA or MLA format, and include at-least 7 pages (not including the cover page and bibliography).
Step One: Provide a detailed explanation of the nature and causes of one of the following macroeconomic problems or one that you select with the instructor’s approval.
a) The Rio Grande Valley is among the poorest regions in the country.
b) The federal debt has reached unprecedented levels and continues to grow.
c) The medical needs of our growing population are not met by the current system and it’s estimated that nearly 50 million people are uninsured.
d) The retirement of the Baby-Boomers threatens to significantly debilitate the economy as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and other funds will be insufficient to finance their needs.
e) In 2007, the crash in the housing market set off a chain of foreclosures and other problems that threatened to undermine our economic foundation. How can we prevent this from occurring again?
f) Our trade deficit with foreign countries continues to grow.
g) Many state governments face overwhelming budget shortages and debts that threaten to eventually undermine their solvency. How can this be fixed.
h) Student debt and underemployment are creating a situation in which recent graduates are unable to prosper.
i) The high cost of education is limiting access to education and generating excessive debt.
Step Two: Identify and describe the likely consequences if the United States is not able to fix the problem that you have selected.
Step Three: Describe at-least three measures that can be taken to correct the problem that you selected.
Step Four: Write a summation, conclusion, and works cited page.
Step Five: The essays must be submitted by July 2nd.
Before submitting your essay, review the checklist below:
[ ] Did I complete all of the steps above?
[ ] Did I use the APA or MLA format?
[ ] Did I use at-least 3 books (e-books do not qualify) and 3 online sources with acceptable credentials in my part of the essay? (Wikipedia is not acceptable)
[ ] Did I solicit the assistance of a proofreader (the tutorial center at STC is recommended)

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