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Islaih 6
Yusef Islaih
Mrs. Shepard
1 June 2018
The Effect of Classes on Society
Since the beginning of time, there has always been a gap between the wealthy and the poor. These two different classes shaped society into what it is today. Looking at the economic status of the western world today, one can see a third class growing. This class is being called the middle class and it has its pros and cons. With a growing middle class this means there are less wealthy and less poor. This also means more spending, which on average means more pollution and other negative effects on the environment. Looking at other countries besides the western world we see only two classes again. One can see why this is a negative thing for society by looking at these countries or by reading the novel Oryx and Crake by Margret Atwood. In this story told by the perspective of Jimmy and his future self, Snowman, one can see the drastic effects of classes on the future world. Jimmy and his family in a futuristic compound while the rest of society have to fend against the “innovations” of the future. As the story progresses Jimmy finds himself to be one of the last people on earth and has to fight to stay alive. Atwood illustrates the notion that the higher class will always have more privileges than any others despite all efforts. Comment by yusef islaih: This is your thesis, avoid pronouns
At the very beginning of the story, as the reader is being introduced to the setting of the story, Atwood tries to show the reader the relationship between the compound people and the people living in the Pleeblands. She says “Compound people didn’t go to the cities unless they had to, and then never alone [...] Despite the fingerprint identity cards now carried by everyone, public security in the pleeblands was leaky: there where people cursing around in those places who could forge anything and who might be anybody […] the addicts, the muggers, the paupers, the crazies” (Atwood 27). The fact that if a compound person wanted to go in to one of the pleeblands they had to have someone with them as protection, shows how above everyone compound people are. The only people that need protection are people who need it, like celebrities, political figures, and athletes not just some person living in a high class compound. This is extra and unnecessary showing how compound people have more privileges than those who don’t live in compounds. Another example of unnecessary is the identity cards, this would not be helpful unless certain people wanted to be protected from others. An unnecessary measure taken to separate the rich from the poor; the lower class from the higher class. Also Jimmy describes the people living in the pleeblands as “addicts, muggers, and crazies” all words that one would use to describe people below them. Even as a kid Jimmy is being taught that anyone other than compound people will amount to nothing and have nothing. Another way showing the reader that th...


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