Classical Music In The Renassaince Era Lcc Classical Music And Its Causes

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Classical music has been played for over thousands of years. It was created during the Renaissance and Middle Ages using western culture. It is a form of art that through the use of an instrument it allows people to express their emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Beethoven, Mozart, and Hayden are all well-known artists when it comes to classical music. However, due to today’s new era, I believe that culture, technology, and entertainment has caused classical music to no longer evolve as a viable art form.
Every region and its people have different customs, arts, languages and social beliefs that helps to build their culture. One of the arts that builds a person’s culture is music. A family’s choice of music can become part of their culture due to it being passed down from traditions. For example, families who live or have ancestors from Mexico have a cultural tradition of listening to Spanish Ranchera music. It is something that is passed down to their younger generations and they continue to listen to it as part of their culture. However, as the years pass by, family members pass away or move away making it less traditional to continue listening to their cultural music. For instance, when the elderly people passes away, some families lose more than just the family member. Perhaps that family member was the one who kept the viable art form active in their family. Now, they may no longer even listen or know about any classical music played in their culture. It is also known that when people move to another city or to another country, they adapt to their new surroundings such as listening to what is played there and not applying much interest to their culture. Younger generations are also adapting to the music being played in their region or surrounding. They may be introduced to classical music, composers, and to its history, but not necessarily to the culture it can create in their lives. Therefore, in today’s society, classical music has become a less traditional art form. Families today no longer enforce the learning and listening of classical music as part of their culture. As a result of this, this is causing classical music to lose its viability of being a recognizable art form in today’s society.
Technology has played a big role in today’s generation. New inventions have made things easier for artists or music composers to create music, but it has also caused some music to lose its viable art form. For example, before technology, classical music was taught, learned, and played through social interaction with instruments and other people without any help from websites or studios. Today, anyone can learn how to play any instrument and create classical music through the use of technology such as YouTube, Google, or any other website or computer program available to them without having any social interaction with other people. Another form of how technology has affected the viable ...


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