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Classification On High School Essay

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ClassificationSince I have graduated high school and began college, I saw a different transition between social groups in schools. In high school social groups were formed based on different styles of fashion trends. After high school I came upon a new perspective which opened my views of how people should not be judge by their physical appearance.The most popular social group, the-big-jocks-on-campus, maintained authority with in the school. Driving into school with model year" Mustangs " and " BMWs", they had their own special parking, otherwise they would force themselves to have their opening spot. People stereotyped them as jerks because of how they miss treated other students, ...view middle of the document...

If the time comes when he needs to do his own class work, I doubt that he will be able to pull it off.The old fashioned students, the Greasers, were the rebellious type of student. These car fanatics love the 1950's. With there leather jackets, white or black t-shirts, tight jeans and black Harley Davidson boots and there well known back combed greased hair. These bad boys had a reputation to drink, smoke and drive 1953 Chevy's. This group hardly brought in class work, never paid attention to the teachers and always managed to get kicked out of the class room. The only class all these students loved was AUTO. As missing seats were missing in math and English classes, all the greasers invaded auto to learn new methods about their classical automobiles. Any car that needed to be fixed, their magic touch turned average cars into smooth curved dragsters.The rebellious Greaser students reminded me of my best friend. This guy always wore his jacket, t-shirt, jeans and boots. His group looked up to him because he managed to get off the hook from teachers. He was one of the jocks back when he was a freshman and sophomore. Ever since he went to Los Angeles to visit his cousin, who was a greaser, he came back as a bad dude. His old friends, the jocks, blew him off. In school he started to miss classes, grades fell (except auto), and was suspended for fighting with his old jock buddies. At first, the greasers posed him as a wannabe, but he proved he was better than they were. By putting cars before books, they noticed his commitment to being a greaser and the old jock he use to be was forever forgotten. This group was highly private it was very hard to be accepted, but I managed to fit into this greasy old bunch.The ghetto student, miss-guided-thugs, are children from the streets. Falling into what most students see them as the rappers and thugs. Wearing the latest FUBU and the famous Sean Paul clothing line, they make a statement of class. They are the one who come out with the new words, like whash ya name or what's crackin. In class, teachers enjoy there presence, they learn a little to understand more about there identity as street kids. They may look lost but are not taught the way a street kid learns how to fight or steel automobiles.. One particular day during lunch, I happened to walk past her gansta-lean-blood group. I knew this group but never manage to get together out of school. About ten feet from where I was standing, Sharday happened to be causing a raucous with a girl that was wearing North Carolina. Sharday was involved in this feud between blue and red. She was a true trooper but then again being stupid as well. Bloods and Cripts are natural rivals, this girl happened to be coming straight from North Carolina and wearing a North Carolina football jersey....

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