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To create a classroom system that will support kids learning to know and manage their own
emotions, connect in healthy ways with others, and develop into confident people for a third
grade music class, I will of course teach the content required, but during that time, I want to
incorporate a classroom management system in my class.
I. Management of Emotions
To help children regulate their emotions, they first need to identify the repertoire
of basic and self-conscious emotions. Children in this age begin to connect words
for their emotions. To help with the process, I will have a set time at the
beginning of class to make facial expressions according to a song a play. For
example, I will play a happy and cheerful song and the students will have to “act”
the way the song sounds. Throughout the class, if a student acts out, it is always
important to know what the student is going through and sooth the child by
reappraising the situation, reason through why events unfolded as they did, and
suggest a few possible tactics to take. Music often takes away stress and puts
scattered emotions at ease, thus could also be a coping mechanism.
II. Connecting With Others
To connect with othe...


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