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Running Head: CLIMATE CHANGE: NATURAL OCCURRENCEClimate Change: Natural Occurrence[The Writer's Name][The Name of the Institution]Climate Change: Natural OccurrenceGlobal warming is easiest described as "human-induced climate change" (Lutz, 2005, 3). It occurs because of a build up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Many factors contribute to the abundance of these gases. Global warming is expected to increase the average temperature of the Earth's surface, raise sea levels, and change precipitation patterns (Lutz, 2005, 3). There are many potential impacts of these changes. The Earth could see an increase in extreme weather and will h ...view middle of the document...

CFCs are not produced naturally. They are used in aerosol sprays, refrigeration and air conditioning units, and some artificial foam (Babiker, 56-60). Historically, industrial nations have been responsible for releasing the most CFCs into the atmosphere. Currently, the levels have decreased with the amendments made by the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer to phase out the production of these chemicals (Ramananthan, 293-99). It is important to note, however, that the chemicals used to replace CFCs are still, to a lesser degree, ozone depleters (Lutz, 2005, 8).EvidenceThere is evidence to support the occurrence of global warning. The concentration of carbon dioxide has increased 30% since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution (Lutz, 2005, 6, Godrej, 2001, 23) and nitrous oxide has increased its concentration by almost 15% (Lutz, 2005, 8). Due to the melting of glaciers and icecaps, global sea levels have increased 10-25 cm over the past century (Lutz, 2005, 14). According to recent satellite measurements in 2000, the Earth's ice cover has retreated much faster than it was predicted to (Lutz, 2005, 14, Godrej, 2001, 29). Three of the Arctic ice sheets are already gone completely (Godrej, 2001, 30).EffectsThere is expected to be a change in global precipitation. This should be balanced by an increase in evaporation due to the change in temperature (Akhurst, 657-63). Extreme weather is likely to increase (Lutz, 2005, 22, Godrej, 2001, 45). This includes more frequent and intense heat waves, changes in the frequency of droughts and floods, increased costal flooding, and more damaging storm surges (Barrett, 78-80). There is a very big problem of ozone depletion. This is observed by a widening hole in the ozone layer. This hole is above Antarctica and extends over an area th...


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573 words - 3 pages 2 Man-Made Global Warming vs Natural Climate Change In the last few years, there has been an international debate over man-made global warming and natural climate change. Global warming is the steady increase in temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, it takes a long time for this process to happen. Climate change is the change in the regional or global weather conditions. Climate change is happening, and many believe that mankind is

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582 words - 3 pages Essay created by Jahseh Onfroy Harristown State High School Class 10B Introduction What is climate change? Climate change is the average temperature of Earth has increases since 1950 until now the temperature continuing increasing. Climate change can also refers to climate change that causes an increase in the average of temperature. However climate change are causes by natural events and human that are believed to be contribute to increase

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483 words - 2 pages There are some out there who, with reason, believe that natural processes are the main culprits of climate change. They believe that atmospheric greenhouse gases, coming from fossil fuels and other human activities, are too small to cause the following changes in the environment: rising sea levels, droughts and the melting of ice. Even if they do believe that human activities are a cause of climate change, they don’t believe that humans are the

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1283 words - 6 pages explore how climate factors influence the timing of those seasonal biological events. Phenological observations have been used for centuries to increase crop production, prepare for seasonal allergies, and anticipate optimal wildflower viewing conditions. Observations of phenological events have provided implication of the progress of the natural calendar since pre-agricultural times. What is global climate change? What factors have caused this

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423 words - 2 pages Free Climate Change Essay The topic of climate change comprises a wide variety of subtopics according to supposed causes of climatic changes and to the consequences being explored. It explains why we cooperate with a whole department of environmental scientists and experts on climatic changes to provide our writers with the most up-to-date and accurate data and analysis available in the field. Hence your climate change essay written by a member of

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1385 words - 6 pages Free major devastations. Climate change was increasing at a slow rate, but the last Ten out of thirteen years was the warmest on record of the planet earth. Many scientists agree that variation in the last decade is not caused by orbital variation, but is caused by Human activity starting from the industrial revolution. Climate change is causing the natural disasters which are leading to the economic destruction. It is costing a lot of money to help to

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2149 words - 9 pages by 150 climate related disasters in the period between 1999-2009. There is a substantial higher pattern of natural disasters.(Review, 2009, 4) This long term change in climate is known as climate change. Many scientist agree that the cause of the ongoing  global warming is a result of extensive green house effect. CO2 is the main heat trapping gas as it does not allow heat to escape from earth's atmosphere hence global warming is primarily an

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1720 words - 7 pages to climate change. While many marine species are able to adapt to climate change on their own, many others would need assistance to adapt to increasing stressors. However, due to the projected rate of change that is occurring, natural adaptation would not be sufficient enough, therefore strategic conservation is needed. To implement adaptations, scientists would have to gain support from conservation managements, or even governing bodies. Marine

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4486 words - 18 pages international agreements, brought two declarations of principles and program of Agenda 21. Also signed two conventions:on Climate Change, which aims to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions at a level that does not threaten the global climatic system,biodiversity.After five years at a conference in New York concluded that the main environmental problems were not resolved due to financial constraints.Acid rainThe problem of acid rain occurrence was

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4111 words - 17 pages adapted to as it is well within the variations that humans cope with already. The natural systems that sustain human life are subject to thresholds, interactions and complexities that we poorly understand; we may not appreciate how close we are to the limits of adaptation. While we are reasonably confident that we can foresee the general shape of the consequences of climate change over the next 50years and feel some what confident in our ability

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2220 words - 9 pages Free and making policies that curb the threat. On the other hand, climate change is the increase in the general surface temperature of the world and can be manifested through rising sea levels, droughts, wildfires and severe weather events. Scientists agree that human activity is the primary cause of climate change (Allen, 22-38.) There is a small number of people who do not believe that climate change is a real occurrence and often probe the

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1092 words - 5 pages causes the global climate as a whole to change. e. Roadmap i. Global Warming is not occurring and so neither is climate change ii. Global Warming and climate change are occurring, but these are natural, cyclic events unrelated to human activity iii. Global warming is occurring as a result primarily of human activity and so climate change is also the result of human activities. 2. To say that nothing is happening that causes global warming is very

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1135 words - 5 pages in the atmosphere.  On the other hand, the climate change refers to the effects these higher temperatures have  on our earth’s natural systems and the impacts that can consequence: stronger storms,  deeper droughts, shifting seasons, sea level rise and much more.   Our human race conserves energy and quickly replace fossils fuels with  renewable energy sources. Otherwise, even a timely end to greenhouse gas emissions will  stop the climate

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1063 words - 5 pages Climate Change “Temperatures are rising, snow and rainfall patterns are shifting, and more extreme climate events-like heavy rainstorms and record high temperatures-are already affecting society and ecosystems” (Arizona). Atmospheric circulations are providing unusual patterns that are resulting in longer periods of wet weather. Since wet weather is increasing, the amount of floods is increasing as well. On the other side, high temperatures are

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1230 words - 5 pages this trend, but only when using greenhouse gas forcing [1] ( of recent climate change shows that the rise can be attributed to human emissions of greenhouse gasesclimate models predict more warming, and other climate effects (sea level rise, etc) in the futurethere is a scientific consensus behind all of the abovehumankind is performing a great geophysical experiment and if