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Climate Change Natural Occurrence Essay

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Climate Change: Natural Occurrence PAGE 1
Running Head: CLIMATE CHANGE: NATURAL OCCURRENCEClimate Change: Natural Occurrence[The Writer's Name][The Name of the Institution]Climate Change: Natural OccurrenceGlobal warming is easiest described as "human-induced climate change" (Lutz, 2005, 3). It occurs because of a build up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Many factors contribute to the abundance of these gases. Global warming is expected to increase the average temperature of the Earth's surface, raise sea levels, and change precipitation patterns (Lutz, 2005, 3). There are many potential impacts of these changes. The Earth could see an increase in extreme weather and will have ...view middle of the document...

CFCs are not produced naturally. They are used in aerosol sprays, refrigeration and air conditioning units, and some artificial foam (Babiker, 56-60). Historically, industrial nations have been responsible for releasing the most CFCs into the atmosphere. Currently, the levels have decreased with the amendments made by the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer to phase out the production of these chemicals (Ramananthan, 293-99). It is important to note, however, that the chemicals used to replace CFCs are still, to a lesser degree, ozone depleters (Lutz, 2005, 8).EvidenceThere is evidence to support the occurrence of global warning. The concentration of carbon dioxide has increased 30% since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution (Lutz, 2005, 6, Godrej, 2001, 23) and nitrous oxide has increased its concentration by almost 15% (Lutz, 2005, 8). Due to the melting of glaciers and icecaps, global sea levels have increased 10-25 cm over the past century (Lutz, 2005, 14). According to recent satellite measurements in 2000, the Earth's ice cover has retreated much faster than it was predicted to (Lutz, 2005, 14, Godrej, 2001, 29). Three of the Arctic ice sheets are already gone completely (Godrej, 2001, 30).EffectsThere is expected to be a change in global precipitation. This should be balanced by an increase in evaporation due to the change in temperature (Akhurst, 657-63). Extreme weather is likely to increase (Lutz, 2005, 22, Godrej, 2001, 45). This includes more frequent and intense heat waves, changes in the frequency of droughts and floods, increased costal flooding, and more damaging storm surges (Barrett, 78-80). There is a very big problem of ozone depletion. This is observed by a widening hole in the ozone layer. This hole is above Antarctica and extends over an area three...

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