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Savonte Hilliard
Coach Assignment
Buddy Stephens is a successful coach from Huntsville, AL who has achieved several accomplishments in his coaching history. I really like his style of coaching because it’s different and his strategies work in results of game wins. Another reason I chose him because I can relate to his way of showing his emotion through tough love. When I was younger and played football, I experienced tough love and learned that respect is earned. Also, I like his ambition of guiding his players into nothing but success no matter what type of situations or things they’ve experience throughout life. He is the head football coach at East Mississippi Community College and he has won four national championships and coached many D1 and NFL players. Buddy Stephens has an overall winning record of 98–13. This is not the most updated postings but in research it stated that he is the all-time NJCAA leader in winning percentage.
He is the previous head coach from the first two seasons of the Netflix series “Last Chance U”, a Netflix serious at a JUCO in East Mississippi. This is how he caught my attention because I’ve never seen a coach that’s so into the game and passionate like him. He was very tough on all his players, but that was only because he wanted the best for them. It was weird because most coaches interact with their players respectfully and careful, but Coach Buddy kept it real with them and had close, personal relationships with them. He didn’t mind giving constructive criticism. In the movie Buddy quoted “football teaches you about adversity, how do you respond when you get knocked down? We must deal with a lot of adversity. It's not always easy.”
A lot of people don’t think he is a good coach because he uses profanity, yells at the players, and has a bad attitude. I feel that everyone is human so therefore sometimes that is needed in Football. You need a coach that will push you to be the best you can be. They won several games and still had to hear him complain and yell at them about getting better. Being a coach is not easy, but the way Buddy Stephens coached, he made it look very easy. Any coach who can coach several D1 athletes who struggled with previous problems in others school to become recruited again is great. He took some of these guys in knowing they’ve did something bad or had academic issues because he saw the potential and talent in them. I watched a couple episodes and had to continue to finish them because Buddy Stephens drained my attention to wanting to see more. I wanted to keep seeing if they were going to win the next game because they were going through several conflicts during the whole season. They even got into two brawls with other teams in episode 1 and 2. I never seem something hap...


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