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Code Blue Essay

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Code Blue In critical situations, the body becomes full of adrenaline, seconds seem like hours, and split second decision making becomes vital. The result of ones decisions can make the difference between life and death for another. Code blue, is defined as cardiac or respiratory arrest. This is the code that is called over-head in the hospital that summons a special team of professionals, to prevent death. The team usually consists of a physician, a respiratory therapist, nurses and hospital personnel.One night, at a hospital in Texas, three nurses manned a 25 bed unit. After making their usual rounds, they were thankful to finally sit and enjoy some of the cafeteria's cuisine. The ...view middle of the document...

The only sound she heard was that of the false breath provided by the bag, and the echo of her voice as she counted each plunge.Minutes lingered as hours as she drove her palms to the heart. " Where is the Blue Team? They should be here by now." She implored.No sooner had she heard the words echo into the hall, beneath her hands was a jolt, like electricity. She felt the faint beat of the heart she had started. " There's a pulse" she exclaimed.Everyone in the room silently rejoiced. The blue team arrived seconds later with equipment in hand, it had taken them a full ten minutes to respond. Without the lifesaving techniques preformed by the nursing team, the patient would have expired. The Blue team immediately administered drugs to stabilize the patient for the transport to the Intensive Care Unit. Barbara remained in the room as the team worked. Within minutes she was escorting along side the patient she had just saved. The adrenaline inside her radiated her steps as she helped the team transfer to the unit.Later, she walked back to her own floor. She could feel her body start to calm down, her hands and legs trembling from adrenaline. As she re-examined her performance she was praised by her colleagues for her actions. The evening that had taken a turn for the worst,...

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