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Code Blue In critical situations, the body becomes full of adrenaline, seconds seem like hours, and split second decision making becomes vital. The result of ones decisions can make the difference between life and death for another. Code blue, is defined as cardiac or respiratory arrest. This is the code that is called over-head in the hospital that summons a special team of professionals, to prevent death. The team usually consists of a physician, a respiratory therapist, nurses and hospital personnel.One night, at a hospital in Texas, three nurses manned a 25 bed unit. After making their usual rounds, they were thankful to finally sit and enjoy some of the cafeteria's cuisine. The respiratory team had just arrived to administer breathing treatments to some of the patients. The team disappeared into various rooms one by one. Not a minute later, one of the therapist calmly walked out of a room and stated that the patient inside was not breathing. Barbara, who was charge nurse, immediately shouted for someone to call the code overhead. As she sprinted to the room she could hear the alarming echo of the page "code blue" overhead. This was her very first code blue, she felt the pressure as she hurried.The patient, a woman in her 50's, large in size, was there recovering from a stroke.Barbara noted her blue face and lips as she dashed to the bedside. Speed was significant for the patient had no pulse. She knew the patient would not survive without the aid of CPR. Barbara swallowed her fear. Without a moment to waste, she insensately raised the patient, as if she were a feather, into an upright sitting position. She then slid a back board below her. Shouting for a nurse to bag, she would perform a life-giving series of thrusts to the patients chest. She folded her hands in place, arranging them on the inert chest and proceeded to push downward.With every thrust of her hands the anticipation immenced. The only sound she heard was that of the false breath provided by the bag, and the echo of her voice as she counted each plunge.Minutes lingered as hours as she drove her palms to the heart. " Where is the Blue Team? They should be here by now." She implored.No sooner had she heard the words echo into the hall, beneath ...


Construction of Femininity in Popular Modern Film (Legally Blonde)

460 words - 2 pages Example: 'Legally Blonde' film poster'Legally Blonde' is a film in which a beautiful woman (Reese Witherspoon) defies the convention of the 'dumb blonde' to become a top lawyer.Colour is very important for the formation and connoted meaning of the character's femininity. The poster is designed using typically feminine colours of bubblegum pink and sunshine yellow. However the background is entirely blue with clouds surrounding the top half of

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1176 words - 5 pages the following page (10 points).Welcome to my page We will talk about some very important “things”. Some of my favorite fruits are: Bananas Oranges Apples Click here to go to Keem's Test page Welcome to my page We will talk about some very important "things". Some of my favorite fruits are: Bananas Oranges Apples Click here to go to Question (5 points) In the following block of CSS code, p { color: blue; } What

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497 words - 2 pages die.Barbara, as nurse, with so much love relived him of his sever pain and let him pass way because she did not press the bottom to let the "code blue" resuscitate him.In Barbara's essay, every event describes with so much depth: and she creates very beautiful images. Huttmann attempts to enlist sympathy for Mac's situation and for hers by using specific details that appeal to the readers' emotion. "A Crime of Compassion" is definitely a descriptive

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608 words - 3 pages Free , 1938 the Mercury Theater broadcasted a play based on the H.G. Wells story "War of the Worlds" This episode demonstrated how easily alarming information could be innocently misrepresented Radio Networks Expand David Sarnoff launches NBC January 1927 NBC formed two networks: o Red Network o Blue Network RCA continued as the worlds largest distributor of radios William S. Paley starts CBS Paley became the nemesis of NBC, and the

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601 words - 3 pages the rustic, light brown shoes resting on the wooden stool and cold floor. These shoes complement the classy bar behind the gentleman and the bronze leather bag laying right beside him. He appears to be the ideal man with his dirty blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, rigid jaw line, and slight facial hair. Unbothered by anyone else, the model sits with confidence and positions his shoes to show them off to the world. It is as if these shoes give him

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2784 words - 12 pages Employee’s SSA numberaEmployer’s FED ID numberb e/f Employee’s name, address, and ZIP code 2. Your Gross Pay was adjusted as follows to produce your W-2 Statement. c Employer’s name, address, and ZIP code Employer use onlyCorp.Control numberd Dept. 1. The following information reflects your final pay stub plus any adjustments submitted by your employer. The reverse side includes general information that you may also find helpful. This blue

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1046 words - 5 pages colored dark blue lockers while turning the dial to 180 degrees, because of the fact it was the first day . Some would stay in the dress code, while others would not. I stayed to this rule because I felt that if i didn't follow, I wouldn’t have a perfect attendance. During the time at my old school I tended to come close behind on my work. something that i found out that has helped me in school was basketbalI. I was certainly capable of doing the

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2043 words - 9 pages set of similar actions. E.g. drawing a line. A procedure should be used when no result is needed backFunction -A subprogram that sends back the result of a calculation e.. the area of a rectangle. A function should be used when a result is needed backBenefits of Subprograms -1.Reusing code, makes it efficient2.Organized3.Easier to debug4.Easier to divide up tasksActual Parameters -The actual value of the parameterFormal ParameterThe name of a

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654 words - 3 pages PRINT USING BLUE OR BLACK INK.What device are you claiming? Account Holder information (for verification purposes only) Claim agreement What happened to the device? INSURANCE FRAUD IS A CRIME For your protection, a person who knowingly presents a false or fraudulent insurance claim with the intent to injure, defraud, or deceive any insurer is guilty of a crime and may be subject to fines and confinement in prison. When fraud is discovered, Asurion

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1086 words - 5 pages months, Japan strengthened its bases in the area, especially Rabaul on the island of New Britain. By May 4, a formidable naval force had been amassed, and the 11 transports destined for Port Moresby headed south from Rabaul.The move didn't surprise Admiral Chester Nimitz, commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. U.S. cryptoanalysts had broken the Japanese naval code and Nimitz already had sent two carriers - the Lexington and Yorktown - to the Coral

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977 words - 4 pages of awareness and understanding of the culture of the organization. Organizational culture includes values, norms and behavior in which employees and management both believes in. An organization my say they are following one particular culture but in reality, they may practice another. The culture of an organization includes the language, dress codes, value systems, a code of ethics, and principles. A good example is the culture at a local

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724 words - 3 pages Deltas have a short sleeved khaki button down with blue trousers to complete it .After we get everyone’s uniforms situated, we then procced to the learning of Marine Corps knowledge. Amos 2 Some knowledge consists of Military Jargon, the phonetic alphabet, and telling military time. JROTC’s Jargon is the same as the Marine Corps, and during class we require the cadets to learn the words and to use them. An example of jargon we use in class would

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689 words - 3 pages that moment and that I would be excited for the start of my career.  That wasn’t the case.  I remember going on ward rounds with my supervisor, but I always felt with pharmacy that something was missing. On ward rounds, I often found myself watching the Doctors and revered them for the knowledge they had. The moment I realised what was missing was when a “CODE BLUE” (medical emergency) was called, I watched the medical team run to the scene and saw

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1828 words - 8 pages devices worldwide in the future because of their meager prices throughout their long lifespans, which can be up to several tens of thousands of hours. The expansion of LED use in both urban and domestic lighting has prompted questions regarding their possible health effects because the light that they provide is potentially high in the harmful blue band (400-500nm) of the visible light spectrum. Research on the potential effects of LEDs and their


4881 words - 20 pages Press, 2008) where she notes that many readers who expect to progress through rising tension to some narrative climax are frustrated by Michael Joyce's Twelve Blue. A more enriching approach, Hayles suggests, would be "Like sensual lovemaking," as "the richness of Twelve Blue takes time to develop and cannot be rushed" (64). Teachers can help their students (and themselves) by slowing down, seeking moments in the text to savor rather than reading