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Explain why you chose the images included on your collage. What do they represent?
The pictures I choose for my collage all revolve around the theme of things that laughter
can bring and or show. I’ve included a picture of my collage before all the text was added so you
could view the pictures better. The picture of the lady wearing the funky outfit with big hair was
chosen because when someone laughs, especially someone you care about and are close too. The
sound of their laugh lights you up from the inside, people say they feel this way when they make
their mothers laugh. The light up feeling you get inside remind me of “butterflies” in your
stomach and how colourful butterflies are. Another picture I added to also represent this was on
the top left, underneath the leafs. The block of a colourful pattern. I choose the leaves because I
think laughter is organic and grows in a sense that when someone laughs, their laugh starts out
small and after a while their laughs get gradually louder and hand actions are typically added in.
The big picture at the bottom left corner picture related to the poem because from what I got out
of the poem, a person's laugh changes something, ie the author talks about how sharks lose their
thirst for blood. The picture reminded me of a before picture almost of what a carnival would
look like before somes laughter. You can see at the left corner sunflowers and other flowers are
there, and I think those are the effects of someone's laughter making the place brighter and full of
light. The black and white picture of the lady laughing while being carried was simply
representing playfulness in that I could imagine in my head the scene of the picture that was
being played out and how she was picked up and put down after and the two probably talked
later. This picture showed me a story much stronger than the other pictures did.
Explain why you chose the adjectives included on your collage. How does each one represent the
The five adjectives I included in my collage are, smitten, fond, provoking, beaming, and
lastly heartfelt. These words all reminded me of emotions or feelings I get when I laugh or smile
a lot, when reading the poem I related a lot of the examples to myself and thought about times I
also felt like what the author was describing. I choose the word smitten because the word is all
about being flustered and getting overwhelmed with happiness. Personally when i’m smittened
by someone I can not stop smiling or laugh...

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