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Marcus Andre 4/17/17
Questions 1-3 refer to the image above
1. This new invention would be used for...
a. Farming and agriculture
b. Bronze metallurgy
c. Manhattan Project
d. Lateen sails
2. This would be introduced in which periodization
a. Classical Era
b. Neolithic Era
c. Post WWI
d. Early Modern
3. The image represents
a. Mesopotamian Wheel
b. Chinese compass
c. Muslim astrolabe
d. Donut from 1847
Questions 4-6 refer to the map above
4. This map represents a picture of which of the following trade routes
a. The Silk Road
b. The Turquoise Road
c. The Burger Road
a. The Slave Trade
5. Which of the following countries started the silk road
a. Rome
b. Han China
c. Olmecs
d. Hellenistic Empire
6. What products were traded by China on this trade route
a. Horses, metalwork, and glassware
b. Ceramics, silk, and cotton
c. Camels, woven goods, salt
d. Wool rugs, textiles, dates
Answer questions 7-9 using the image above
7. This image is from most likely which region
1. West-Africa
2. Rome
3. Tang China
4. Ottoman Empire
8. This image represents which of the following religions
a. Confucianism
b. Christianity
c. Marxism
d. Buddhism
9. Which leader does this represent
a. Siddhartha Gautama
b. Jesus Christ
c. Alexander the Great
d. Muhammed
The following questions 10-12 are based off this map
10. The Columbian Exchange was named after which of the following sailors
a. Zheng He
b. Vasco de Gama
c. Ferdinand Magellan
d. Prince Henry the Navigator
11. Based off your knowledge of world history what else was traded here not mentioned in the map
a. Slaves
b. Gold
c. Ideas
d. All of the above
12. In what periodization could you find this map
a. Neolithic Era
b. Ea...

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