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College Application Essay

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Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but as a child it's hard to deal with your weaknesses. It's not until you grow up and realize that you have to use your strengths to overcome your weaknesses. Combining logic with technology can be a useful tool. As a young child, I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. I couldn't understand why I was so different from everyone else. I had to take insulin ...view middle of the document...

Since then there have been many medical advancements dealing with this disease such as insulin inhalers, insulin pumps, and beta cell transplants. These certain alternatives make it easier for a diabetic to live as a normal person. If I were awarded a grant to pursue a topic of my greatest interest, juvenile diabetes would be the field in which I would work toward. To engage into this area, there would be a need for me to take classes in genetic engineering. I would have to learn everything possible about beta cell transplants. Once this is done I could work towards testing them and maybe even finding a cure to juvenile diabetes. I long to know that a day will come when a child with diabetes can be cured of it in the same day that they are diagnosed. I believe science is the answer to many of the diseases and sicknesses of the world today. With the right funding to intensely test and research these ailments, treatments for many of the conditions that leave people weak and vulnerable could easily be discovered and the world would be a better place.

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