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Be Your Own Cheerleader
In the eleventh grade, I had the realization that life would never just be easy, and if I
wanted to be happy I would have to work to be happy. The summer before my senior year, I
started going to therapy to try and obtain happiness. So far, therapy hasn’t worked, however, a
phrase my mom has said to me in an elaborate fight has. The phrase “be your own cheerleader”
has helped through some tough times when stress, anxiety, and depression has gotten the
better of me. Life itself is short, and at least for me, I have too many goals that I want to have
accomplished before a certain point in my life to stress over the little things and to that I repeat
my mother’s words to help be my guide throughout life. Due to this phrase, happiness has been
obtained numerous times throughout mylife.
In many situations, I have found that being my own cheerleader has helped me, even
when I didn’t have the phrase as a reference yet. Before the start of middle school, life was a
simple time where stress was not a thought in any ten year old’s mind and any tragedies and life
hardships were shielded away from any child’s knowledge. After middle school, that simple life
changed and every hardship was slowly eased into our minds. For myself, my hardships were
the deaths of my grandmother and her sister, as well as my grandfather. This information was
especially hard for me because I was really close with my grandmother and her sister and these
deaths fell between a month of each other. I soon realized that everything happens for a reason
and that it was their time, and from that point on, whenever I am sad about this, I remember
what my mom said and I...

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