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I am Taimoor Mohsin son of Mr. Muhammad Mohsin Ali who passed Msc geography from university of Punjab, Lahore as a regular student and served in education branch of the Pakistan Air force (PAF) for about 42 years. I completed my secondary education from PAF institute in English medium. After that I earned my Bachelor’s degree with specialization in electronics and my Master’s degree with specialization in Electrical engineering (Power) from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) Islamabad Pakistan which is ranked among the top five universities within Pakistan.
I am a strong believer of the fact that good things come the hard way and there is no shortcut to success. That is why if someone asks me about the core values of my personality, I would definitely reply the 3 D’s i.e. Diligence, Devotion and Determination. I am a young diligent man possessing good moral and ethical values. I also dream high to prove my worth in any domain to serve the humanity. My parents have instilled the desire for knowledge and a thirst for self-actualization, which is evident from the fact that both my elder brothers have recently completed their doctorates. This has encouraged me to earn the honor to be a PhD, and I am confident that I am very capable of rigorous research that is demanded from today’s research scholars.
Academic Background
My interest is in the field of electronics and especially in automation developed gradually over the years. From a very young age, I was fascinated by the automation process how it’s been used now almost in every industry and manufacturing company and how it improves the system reliability, performance and productivity while also reducing the man power. My interest in automation leads me to acquire my bachelors in electronics. During bachelors, I particularly enjoyed courses like ‘electronic circuit analysis’, ‘control and signal processing’, ‘microelectronics’, ‘microcontroller’ and ‘real time embedded system’ etc. where I have learnt not only extensive programming languages but also its hardware implementation. My final year project dealt with automation where I incorporated technologies like Programmable logic controller and SCADA system and automated various home appliances along with its security.
Later, I worked for around one year in an automation and manufacturing company to gain hands on experience in this field. I learnt a lot about PLC’s and SCADA systems and how various processes are being automated in different industries. I also gained valuable experience with different sensors, relays, inverters (Variable frequency drives) and ac/dc motor drives.
Pakistan today faces a huge shortage of electricity. This has become one of the major reasons for its economic decline. The problem of the difference in demand and supply of electricity intrigues and interests me. I therefore decided to look further into this subject area and started my masters in electrical power engineering. Courses...

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