Commerce Business Task

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Assessment Task Notification
Year 10 Commerce

Task 2: Group annotations and Infographic Task No.
Date Issued
Date Due

Week 7 1/9/17 Term 3
Week 9 11/9/17 Term 3
A-E outcomes

Submission Instructions

Your task must be submitted to your classroom teacher during your scheduled lesson time and as per the schedule outlined below.
Your research report and media file is to be submitted as a hard copy. It is your responsibility to retain a copy.
A Declaration of Authenticity must be signed by you and presented with your completed assessment task at the end of the assessment cycle.

Absence / Misadventure Instructions

Follow the Hurlstone Agricultural High School assessment policy. In Order To Undertake This Task, You Will Need To:

Attend classes.
If you are absent, you must see your classroom teacher the day you return to school to negotiate your submission of the components of the task.

Declaration of Authenticity I _______________________________________ (student name) declare that:
This is all my own work. I have referenced any work from other sources and have not plagiarised the work of others.
I have used appropriate research methods and have not used the words, ideas, designs, music, images, skills, or workmanship of others without appropriate acknowledgment in the assessment task or its development.
Year 11 and 12 students This assessment task has been prepared by me in accordance with the school assessment guidelines along with the 'Board of Studies - All My Own Work' policy. I certify that this assessment task is my own work.
I have kept a copy of my task. YES / NO Student signature: Date:

Outcomes Being Assessed

5. 1 applies consumer, financial, business, legal and employment concepts and terminology in a variety of contexts 5. 2 analyses the rights and responsibilities of individuals in a range of consumer, financial, business, legal and employment contexts 5. 3 examines the role of law in society 5. 4 analyses key factors affecting commercial and legal decisions 5. 5 evaluates options for solving commercial and legal problems and issues 5. 6 monitors and modifies the implementation of plans designed to solve commercial and legal problems and issues 5. Seven types of research and assesses commercial and legal information using a variety of sources 5. 8 Explains commercial and legal information using a variety of forms 5. 9 Works independently and collaboratively to meet individual and collective goals within specified timelines Context For The Task This task is designed to develop students' inquiry, research, and analytical skills. Students will also develop a thorough understanding of employment relations in Australia The Task Nature of the task: Group research/ annotations and individual infographics. You will be allocated approximately three periods of cl...

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