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Communication Learning Styles Essay

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CommunicationLearning StylesCommunication and collaboration of three learning style and three personality types."What is effective for one learner may be ineffective for another."(Honingsfeld and Dunn, 2006)Learning styles tell how to effectively process communication and personalities tell how to effectively collaborate among peers and others in the educational realm and in the employment field chosen for a career. It is important to recognize different ...view middle of the document...

A learning style that many have is a bodily-kinesthetic style; it is a style in which body part motions are used to process information. These people would rather use a direct, hands-on approach to communication as they are learning. When active, these learners retain material and have a better understanding as information is presented in an active way. These learners communicate best using hands-on; touch, possibly even flash cards.People who have strong, logical-mathematical skill will most likely be in positions in creating a combined approach for projects because their logical explanation and solving problems skills are very great. This individual's skill set can help them be logically clear to other individuals on their team or in their group.With people who are visual-spatial they have the skill and knowingly use images and colors to effectively organize projects, they can visualize an outcome before the project is started and the product finished; for instance, home building. Visual-spatial people can get around easier because of their eye for land marking or sign posting, even parks, malls, and or schools. Effective forms of communication are through power point presentations, showing slides, possibly even using a physical model.

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