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CommunicationLearning StylesCommunication and collaboration of three learning style and three personality types."What is effective for one learner may be ineffective for another."(Honingsfeld and Dunn, 2006)Learning styles tell how to effectively process communication and personalities tell how to effectively collaborate among peers and others in the educational realm and in the employment field chosen for a career. It is important to recognize differ ...view middle of the document...

A learning style that many have is a bodily-kinesthetic style; it is a style in which body part motions are used to process information. These people would rather use a direct, hands-on approach to communication as they are learning. When active, these learners retain material and have a better understanding as information is presented in an active way. These learners communicate best using hands-on; touch, possibly even flash cards.People who have strong, logical-mathematical skill will most likely be in positions in creating a combined approach for projects because their logical explanation and solving problems skills are very great. This individual's skill set can help them be logically clear to other individuals on their team or in their group.With people who are visual-spatial they have the skill and knowingly use images and colors to effectively organize projects, they can visualize an outcome before the project is started and the product finished; for instance, home building. Visual-spatial people can get around easier because of their eye for land marking or sign posting, even parks, malls, and or schools. Effective forms of communication are through power point presentations, showing slides, possibly even using a physical model.


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694 words - 3 pages not like to sit in a classroom where they simply read or listen to an instructor. They prefer to have activities or projects in class. Tactile learners often find it difficult to get organized (soft_med. 2005).(One relation between adult learning and motivation) Communication methods can also be an obstacle to learning adult's motivation. Communication styles have to a great extent changed from when most adult learners have attended a

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1538 words - 7 pages , which defines his or hers educational realization (Dunn et al., 1977). One of the most common definitions of “learning styles” defines the term as diverse form of behaviour made of cognitive, effective and psychological factors that present the appropriate indicators of the learners’ observation, collaboration and reaction to the learning environment (Curry, 1981). Completing Neil Fleming’s VARK questionnaire I realised that my preferred learning

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490 words - 2 pages Language is an essential from of communication. It allows people to convey and elaborate their perspective. However, there are many forms and styles of language. Different counties and religions have different ancestral languages and styles of speaking.I personally, am learning a second language to allow me the opportunity to communicates to a broader audience. Imagine what the world would be like if there was no talking or signing of any words

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2539 words - 11 pages and their employees. In the training, they will go through four stages: raising awareness of different communication styles, practicing active listening, equipping non-verbal communication and creating an appropriate feedback system. They provide senior management with learning tools for effective listening skills and, therefore, gain a better understanding of staff’s needs. After the training, it is expected to reduce the hierarchical gap and

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2067 words - 9 pages to learn regardless of what type of learner they are by it covering all of the basic learning styles to fit everyone's needs. "Active, interactive, and collaborative learning on which Problem-Based Learning is based, allows an instructor the rare opportunity to observe students learning process." (De Gallow, Grant 2000) These three types of learning are used in schools all over the world to help prepare students for their health

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887 words - 4 pages Task 3: Reflection This paper is the knowledge I gained from the Professional Leadership and Communication for Healthcare course. In this class, I get to know my working style and communication techniques. Through the activities of this communications class, I can self-reflect on my working style and communication techniques.  During this course, the participants had an energy questionnaire survey. Based on the result of the 5 dynamics Learning

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1200 words - 5 pages classroom. The teacher needs to have superior interpersonal skills such as patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations. Collaboration skills enable the teacher to work productively with his or her colleagues. A teacher needs to have communication skills so that she or he can be able to explain the material in the curriculum in diverse ways to learners who have different learning styles. She or he has to be a critical thinker and

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1840 words - 8 pages mistakes and learn from them – you'll get innovations," (OCI Guide). f. Require members to develop better teamwork, communication, and interpersonal skills? A Humanistic-Encouraging culture emphasizes, "helping others to grow and develop," (OCI Guide). Inherent in this is learning how to become a better listener, communicator, encouraging others and taking time with people. There may be some risks here as well: Members who are used to obeying orders

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1748 words - 7 pages Free . before being a professional sportsman, you are an amateur and work your way up to improvement. Training and instruction at amateur level is different from professional level. ⚪ Determining learner differences and usage of a variety of teaching strategies • To accommodate different learners in learning one needs to determine learners’ different interests, learning styles, existing knowledge, level of development and how each learner learns best

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3514 words - 15 pages KRISTINE P. LLEVADO Ways to promote regular, two-way, meaningful communication between parents, families, and schools Teachers strive to establish partnerships with parents to support student learning. Strong communication is fundamental to this partnership and to building a sense of community between home and school. In these changing times, teachers must continue to develop and expand their skills in order to maximize effective communication

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2513 words - 11 pages learning to interpret the ways in which others communicate and express their experiences. Adults should understand and encourage both verbal and non-verbal communication styles. (Ministry of Education, 1996). Using pictures and gestures often helps children to better understand what their caregivers are trying to communicate to them.Being literate allows us to maintain our cultural identity. Being literate allows us to be able to pass on our culture to

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2242 words - 9 pages for learning. Learning styles can also be influenced by culture. An individual’s learning style is the way they use strategies to help learn tasks and organise information. Some students are visual learners meaning there is an influence on visual strategies. Others learn most effectively in groups that focuses on hands on learning, this is known as kinaesthetic. Some children learn through listening where verbal instructions, discussion or lectures

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1031 words - 5 pages with communication, interpretation, and learning that reach across all academic spectrums. 8. The inability to distinguish between their own point of view and the point of view of others. The capacity to be egocentric is apparent at all stages of cognitive development, but egocentricity is particularly evident during the preschool years. Young children eventually overcome this early from of egocentrism when learning that others have differing

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510 words - 3 pages on, or how what errors I made on an assignment, because she “you” always provided that much needed feedback. That isn’t always the case in a course. More than anything, I’ve learned a great deal on improving my writing skills, both, academically and personally. Before starting this course, I always trouble with writing research essays. ENG 112 has guided me through the process of learning the appropriate way to write a research essay— from

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1178 words - 5 pages Meskerem Woldegerima Assignment 1: Personal Response to Reading Verlinden, J 2005, Critical Thinking and Everyday Argument, Wadsworth/Thompson Learning, Southbank, Victoria, pp. 16-27. Description: In this article Verlinden explains what critical thinking is and considers the skills involved with critical thinking. The word critical thinking is usually misunderstood by people for finding fault in people’s ideas. However critical thinking