Communication Portfolio For Mgmt Communication - WGU C204 - Management Communication - Communication Portfolio

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C204 Task 2 1 Communication Portfolio
Management Communication_Task 2: Communication Portfolio
Sharaya Thompson
Western Governor’s University
C204 Task 2 2 Communication Portfolio
Table of Contents
A. Choose one scenario 3
B. Motivational e-mail for employees 4
C. Motivational e-mail for external stakeholders 5
D. Company blog 6
E. Manufacturing lead time – persuasive email to business partner 7
F. Response to customer complaint 8
G. Internal and external communication strategy effectiveness evaluation 9
H. Internal and external communication modality effectiveness 10
C204 Task 2 3 Communication Portfolio
A. Scenario – I have chosen Scenario #2 for this task:
i. Scenario #2:
You are the CEO of a small pharmaceutical distributor. Your company has
been awarded the exclusive contract to distribute a new drug. Araba, the
company who developed and will manufacture the product, does not have
distribution capability.
The new drug is called Complexia. It has been approved to treat breast
cancer and will compete directly with Tamoxifen, a highly used treatment
in cases where breast cancer is hormonally-driven. This is not
chemotherapy; Complexia is a drug used to prevent recurrence of disease
during and after treatment.
Your company, through your sales and customer service representatives,
already has extensive relationships with oncology providers. There is also
great anticipation within the market about the potential efficacy of this
new treatment. Studies indicate breast cancer recurs in 11% of patients
within five years and in 20% of patients within 10 years (American Cancer
Society, 2008). Initial clinical trials indicate this new drug may help to
lower recurrence rates; however, clinical trials only demonstrate a new
drug’s efficacy in a small group of patients over a limited amount of time.
Long-term product efficacy rates have not been established for this
product yet. As with all new drug launches, your company anticipates this
unknown factor could result in some patient dissatisfaction if desired
results are not achieved. In those cases, the company will work directly
with the treating physician and not with the patient directly.
The success of Complexia relies upon an external business partner,
Shipping Inc., who manufacturers the refrigerated casing designed
specifically for this product. The product is required to be shipped
overnight in a temperature-control...

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