Comparative Essay On Ext4 And Nfts File System University Of Westminster Essay

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6ELEN013W Operating Systems and Drivers
Coursework 1 – File Systems
Weighting: 25%
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The work must be entirely your own. Any material from other authors must be correctly referenced in accordance with University regulations. Referencing entire paragraphs or paraphrasing them (i.e. rewriting them in your own words) is not acceptable. Use of references should support your argument, not be your argument.  Any work found to be in breach of this will be dealt with officially.
WARNING : If your assignment consists mainly of a collection of referenced material or excessive collaboration with others, you will get 0% for the assignment which is likely to result in you having to do extra work over the summer and could result in you being capped for the module. If material is not correctly referenced your assignment will be considered as plagiarized and dealt with officially.
File systems are a fundamental part of a modern operating system. There are as many different file systems as there are operating systems. Common file systems are EXT4 and NTFS. Write a report of around 4,000 words that critically compares the listed file systems. Include in your report:
· Features common to both file system...


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