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Comparative Essay
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There is always a debate about which lifestyle is better whether it is urban or country lifestyle. The answer is everyone has their own preference and point of view. Both lifestyles has their pros and cons. It depends upon the person which lifestyle do they prefer.
Education in rural areas is tough as compared to urban areas. There are enough schools or high degree level school in rural areas. Because of this problem, students have to migrate from rural areas to the city. Moreover, study related activities are not done properly in rural areas. Such as, exploring new things about a topic is not easy in rural areas. Like gathering particular information about something for research purposes is quite hard. However, in the urban areas, there are numerous research centers which can help anyone to gather information about a specific topic. There are more colleges and universities in the urban areas as compared to the rural areas. Moreover, recreational activities are easily done in the urban schools to develop the cognitive zone of the students (J.Francis,29.09.2013). These activities broadens the mind of the students and also helps them to think more creatively. However, there is more chance for students to learn things more easily in the rural schools. Classes in rural schools are less crowded which provides great benefits for students. Such as, less crowded classes promotes more one to one interaction with teachers. These things help them to learn more and their communication skills are also develops (B.Sci.07.09.2017).
Job opportunities in the urban areas are more as compared to rural areas. There are enough places in urban areas where a person can seek for job. Whereas, in rural areas less job opportunities are available. The main job opportunity in rural areas is farming. But it is not very task to do. Like there are weather obstructions to do farming. Sometimes weather does not support the conditions for farming. If the weather is harsh then it can damage the crops. Agricultural equipments are needed for doing farming which needs investments. If investment is not there then the person has the only option available which is migration. However, there is benefit in doing farming, the person does not have to work for anyone. There is no excessive pressure for a person to perform a task within a limited time. There is no insecurity for jobs in farming.
Price of having own house in urban areas is very tough because houses are very expensive in urban areas (The PMI, 2.02.2018). Whereas, in rural areas it is not very expensive to have own house. People have to pay more for less space. Such as, if a person has taken a basement, then in the urban areas he/she have to pay on an average of $1000....

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