Compare And Contrast O’connors Approach To Religious Expierience - American Lit II - Essay

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Caitlyn Davis
Prof. Jacobowitz
ENGL 102
18 Dec 2018
​My Special Object
When I was born I was given a blanket, a white blanket with red threading throughout
the whole thing. One special thing about the blanket is that it has been passed down from
my mother to my uncle and meant to me. I have had this blanket for 19 years and it is
almost unrecognizable because almost all the red has gone away and there are a bunch of
tears and holes. The question came around when my brother was being born and my
family asked me “Are you going to give your blanket to Max?”, Of course I said no. I
was too in love with it to let it go, even at the age of nine it was my best friend. It was
with me almost all the time unless I was going away. In the event of me not being able to
find my blanket I would begin to have panic attacks. This didn’t happen often but when it
did it it was definitely a big deal because I was the only person who knew where it was.
The reason my Blanket special to me is because it is like my safety blanket. It always
made me feel safe and feel better if I was feeling low. One of the ways are use my
blanket is I would gently rub it on my face, while smelling it, that may sound weird but it
is like aromatherapy. The problem of mine is I can’t seem to explain what it smells like,
all I know is that it smells like my house. It is also important to me because it was passed
down by my family, it’s like a little piece of family. I can hold it close to me when I am
home alone and wrapping around me to make me feel less alone.It’s almost like a fire
blanket I protect me from all the harsh things that happens. My favorite part about my
blanket is all the holes . and stitching. The reason being is that it’s a story of our journey
together, 19 years repairing adding stuff to cover holes. It added to the character to my
blanket because not only was it a safety blanket it also had Mickey Mouse on them which
would always make me smile. And no matter how many holes it had in it I loved it more
and more,...

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