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Larissa Serson
Engl 212
Mark Giles
March 29, 2019
Finding the Lost
Are these cities Atlantis and El Dorado are lost to the times we look to the past and
present we as humans like the idea of lost or being unable to find things that will better our lives.
In the past Atlantis a lost city was a myth that many believed to be real, where currently we look
to find the lost treasure of Eldorado. As a society we look to the unknown for some adventure
and something to look for and follow. As we look at both they are very similar concepts as they
are lost things that have never been found. As time goes on the more we want but the things that
our lost will stay lost and media will cover it so we can get a taste of it. To see that both are lost
city that give us many treasures, but they continue to be lost out of reach from society. But our
there treasures needed or going to give us a purpose as? The purpose of these places aren’t what
we will get from them as they are something meant to be found, they are symbols of things that
we can look to when we need more in our lives.
As we look to lost cities Atlantis is a very popular myth as its a water city that had very
advanced technology that made it a very desirable treasure to find. Atlantis is a utopian city that
was populated by people that were half human and half god, they were a civilization that had
many rare and exotic animals. The city contained gold, silver, and other precious metals. The
city was comprised of islands all connect by moats. To this day people believe Atlantis. Plato
says Atlantis was there for 9000 years before him and poets and priest past the stories down, and
that story has been passed down to the present time. As this myth can be seen as a crazy one, but
it has some logic behind it, as it was an island there was plates and other volcanic activity that
could have been the reason of its sinking. In the media we have seen Disney made a movie in
2001 called “The Lost City of an Atlantis” talking about the city, in the recent media DC Comics
“Aquaman” exploring more the people and their history. Atlantis is this lost city taken by some
waves lost to the people. Over time we have created many other lost cities but they have been
never found any of the lost cities. Atlantis is this city that was once metropolis of a city but was
left to be lost todays civilizations. As a society we watch the world through myth and the lost.
Atlantis is a aquatic city lost to the sea as the people who lived there when it was above became
selfish with the technology they had as it was highly advanced beyond many other peoples
technology. But as there greed grows there city sank to the bottom of the ocean. The gods
punished the people for there greed and petty they send the city of Atlantis to the bottom of the
sea. Atlantis has many things that we as a society could use to develop and find new things, but
from the myth we know that following in the Atlantean's we may find out selves i...

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