Comparing Thelma And Louise Movie To Trifles Book And Find Common Themes Literature Of F Ilm Essay

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Trifles & Thelma and Louise: Justified Murder and Unjustified System
The book trifles is about a group of women tagging along with a sheriff and county attorney to figure out how a man was strangled to death while his wife claims she was asleep. Thelma and Louise is a film featuring 2 women on a vacation who become accidental outlaws after a tragic incident at a bar. These women covered up the truth about murders because of their sympathy for one another and their belief that the law and justice system will not justify the deaths but will rather punish the culprits.
At the beginning of the movie, Thelma is shown as a housewife who is constantly being controlled by her husband meanwhile, Louise is a server at a restaurant (Scene 1). This is almost exact to the case of trifles: Mrs. Hale, the housewife to a farmer, also depicted to always being comfortable at home, while, Mrs. Peters is the wife of the Sheriff. And she seems more outspoken and outgoing. Mrs. Hale knows more about the family of the victim because she is always home, and Mrs. Peters knows nothing about them except from common conceptions and rumors which points to the fact that she is always around people (probably through work) (p.2).
Also, as the sheriff, the county attorney and the witness who found the body -Mr. Hale search around the house for evidence, Mrs. Hale and Peters are trying to clean up the kitchen of Mrs. Wright (the wife of the victim & no. 1 suspect) when they find clues pointing to the fact that Mr. Wright had terrorized his wife and when she got a bird to keep her company, he killed it painfully, and that was what probably led her to kill him. However, they didn’t want to share it with the men. They thought it justified: “(in a whisper) When I was a girl—my kitten—there was a boy took a hatchet, and before my eyes—and before I could get there—(covers her face an instant)If they hadn't held me back I would have—(catches herself, looks upstairs where steps are heard, falters weakly)—hurt him.” (p.8). This view on justified murder is just the same Thelma and her pal Louise shared about the death of a man who tried to rape Thelma. While making a quick stop from their journey to vacation, Thelma meets a stranger and joins him to dance and drink. Eventually, they find themselves outside and while still tipsy, the man tries to sleep with Thelma, she resists making him smack her and try to rape her. Fortunately, Louise comes out to find them and saves Thelma by pulling out a gun, the stranger foolishly hurls offensive words at them as if to threaten them. This makes Louise shoot him dead. After the incident, Louise refuses to go to the police because she believes they would not believe her in the presence of no evidence pointing to rape: “Only about a hundred people saw you cheek to goddamn cheek with him all night, Thelma!...

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