Comparison Between Clash Of Titans Movie And Myth

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compare and contrast the film, Clash of the Titans, to the story of Perseus

compare and contrast the film,Clash of the Titans, to the story of Perseus.

Andromeda and Perseus Essay :
The Story begins with Andromeda and Perseus. There are many Similarities and differences between what happens in the movie "Clash of the Titans" and the actual myth about Andromeda and Perseus. The three main similarities between the movie and the myth are that in both, Perseus is helped to defeat Medusa, Perseus threw Medusa's eye, and in both the movie and the myth Andromeda's mom compares her to someone. The three main differences are Medusa has three sisters in the myth and not in the movie, also in the movie the Djjng and warriors help Perseus and in the m ...view middle of the document...

Also, another similarity is that Perseus threw the witches eye in the story, but in the movie and the myth he throws her eye in different places. Lastly in both the movie and the myth Andromeda's mom compares her to someone, but in the movie and the myth the person Andromeda is compared to is a different person.

There are also many contrasts between the movie " Clash of the Titans" and the myth about Andromeda and Perseus. The three main contrast are that Medusa has three sisters in the myth but not in the movie. Also, In the movie the Djjng and warriors help Perseus defeat Medusa, and in the myth Athena and Hernia helped Perseus defeat Medusa. Also, in the movie Perseus threw thee witches eye on the ground and in the myth he throws it in the lake, so it cannot be retrieved back. Lastly in the movie Andromeda's mom compares her to Aphride and in the myth she compares her to herself and Nereid's.

The movie and the myth both have many things in common and both have many differences. The story of Andromeda and Perseus, takes place in Argolis. The story is about how there lives became a story about gods and the conflict about when the people worship and pray, it helps the gods, gain power. When people have fear it helps Haiti's, gain power.

In conclusion, there are many things that you can compare and contrast between, the story about Andromeda and Perseus, in the movie "Clash of the Titans", and the actual myth. The three main comparisons are Someone helped defeat Medusa, Perseus threw the witches eye, and Andromeda's mom compared her to. The three main Contrast are the different people that helped Perseus defeat Medusa , where did Perseus throw the witches eye, and who did Andromeda's mom compare her to.


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