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Comparison Hitler And Churcchill Essay

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Comparative Essay Holden Caulfield and Louie Banks Ting Wei Chang 9-Dec-01 902 Words Louie Banks and Holden Caufield both have a certain someone who they do not get along with in bot books. Louie has problems with Boomer, while Holden's problems are with Stradlater. Both boys have similarities with how their problems with the other character occurs, and they both have differences. They approach each situation differently, also in regards to how the situation develops with their opposing character.Louie and Boomer never really do get off on the right step towards each other. From the start of the book it tells us how Louie is training so hard and how he wants to beat Boomer. The first ...view middle of the document...

He starts yelling at the referee's, telling them that it was done maliciously and intentionally, why don't they call for a penalty? All the officials said that they didn't see a thing, no foul play. Louie gets into this big argument on the field with his coach about the whole incident and resulted in Louie sent to the locker room. Louie was angry so then quits the football team. Later that night Louie runs into Boomer. Boomer comes over and tries to get Louie out of his truck and hurt him. Louie drives away with Boomer's hand in the window, but lets him go after a while. Louie tries to avoid Boomer when ever he can now.Holden and Stradlater got into a fight when Stradlater tried to talk to him about his date with Jane. Holden knows Jane and hoped that Stradlater didn't do anything to her or tried to seduce her. So Holden gets fed up with Stradlater not telling him anything so he tried to punch him. Bus instead, Holden got knocked out by Stradlater. To Louie this whole thing with Boomer shaped him as a character in a good way. It does so by him spending more time with Becky and he is now standing up for what he thinks is right. If the whole thing with the football incident did not occur then we might not see Louie and Becky's relationship bloom. This puts an interesting twist into the book. In Holden's case...

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