Comparison Of Harper Lee And Go Set A Watchman English Research Paper

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The Comparison of Harper Lee and Go Set A Watchman
Harper Lee was a girl who lived in Alabama, and she wanted to become a writer. She grew up when segregation was bad, and that affected the way that she wrote. Harper Lee based most of the main characters in her books about her family, and friends, and events that happened during her lifetime. Harper lee was 28 when the Civil Rights Movement started. It influenced her writing. The book Go Set A Watchman and Harper Lee’s life are very similar. So Harper lee could have based Go Set A Watchman on her life and the events that were happening around her.
Nelle Harper Lee was born on April 28, 1926 in a town called Monroeville Alabama. (“Lee”) Lee was the youngest of the four children in her family. (“Lee”) Her mother was Francis Cunningham (Finch) Lee and her father’s name is Amasa Coleman Lee. (“Lee”) There were four children in her family. (“Lee”) Harper Lee had a brother named Edwin. She had two sisters they were Alice Finch lee and Louise Lee Conner. (“Lee”) Her middle name is based on her grandmother’s name. Her middle name is Nelle it is Ellen spelled backwards. (Shields) She grew up as a tomboy. (“Lee”) She loved to play golf in her free time. (Shields) Her mom had a mental illness and rarely left the house. (“Lee”) She died on June, 2 1951 due to her illness. (Shields) Her Family owned a plantation in Southwestern Alabama that Lee called “ The Finch Landing” in the book. (Shields) That could mean that Harper Lee might have based “The Finch Landing” off of her family’s plantation. Amasa was a civil war veteran. (Shields) He was a newspaper editor, and the Alabama state senator. (“Lee”) Amasa was a lawyer. (“Harper Childhood”) He was part of the Alabama State legislature and he owned a part of the newspaper. (“Lee”) Edwin fought in the Korean War. (Shields) He died when he was thirty years old just six weeks after his mom died. (Shields) It is believed that Edwin died of Cerebral Hemorrhage. (Shields) In 1944 Lee went to an all-girls school called Huntington College in Montgomery. (“Lee”) She later transferred to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa to study law in 1945. (“Lee”) She left the University of Alabama in 1949 without completing her degree in law, because she wanted to become a writer. (“Lee”) While she was at the University of Alabama she wrote for the school's newspaper called “The Rammer Jammer”. (“Lee”) When she was growing up in Alabama she had a best friend. He was Truman Strecfus. He was a writer too he later changed his name to Truman Capote. (“Harper Childhood”) Capote lived with his aunt in the summers in Alabama. (Shields) Lee met Capote when they were kids when he was visiting his aunt for the summer. Lee moved to New York in 1949 to help Capote with research for his new book that he was writing called in Cold Blood. (“Lee”) She worked as a ticket agent for the British Overseas Air Corp. (Shields) On December 25, 1956 she received a gift from her friends. (Shields)...

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