Comparison Of Storys A Rose For Emily And A Worn Path College Of Southern Maryland Essay

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Brittany Blandford
Professor Heid
English 1020
June 6, 2018
The Comparison of Emily & Phoenix
Although the main characters in the two stories “A rose for Emily” and “A Worn Path” may have a lot of differences but they also share a lot of similarities. What both women have in common are their struggles and the things they have to sacrifice to overcome the obstacles on their journey throughout life. Both Emily and Phoenix were strong, African American women who proven their strength throughout both stories when facing their problems. Although they may have faced different circumstances, they prove themselves to be independent, determined, and self-sacrificing women who are very strong-willed not to lose their love one. Not only that, they were brave, resilient women who stood up to people and didn’t fear anyone.
As I previously stated, these two women had a lot of differences. Phoenix is an elderly, religious lady who lives in poverty and lived in the era when education wasn’t accessible or offered to African American’s around the time she was growing up. She uses a broken umbrella as a cane; not only to aid her physical deficiencies but as a weapon against natural dangers and anything that she might encounter on her journey into town. The journey she’s on symbolizes what African American’s went through in those times. Another difference is Phoenix was a beneficent person and she was also bighearted unlike Emily and her selfish ways. Phoenix tried to do whatever it takes to get that medicine back her grandson so he can feel better.
As for Emily, she was an every educated, wealthy lady who lived in a mansion or a big house back in her time. You could tell by the cane Emily was wealthy by the kind of cane she also carried, it was an ebony cane with a cold head. In the text it stated that she use to hold private painting sessions at her house, even though Emily wasn’t a very sociable person when it came to the people in her town or community. Besides the fact that she sat at home and didn’t go outside often, sometimes been years since people has seen her. Emily’s life were filled with struggles when it came to her finding love, not wanting to be alone, ...


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