Comparison Of Strength And Power Exercise Physiology Lab Report

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The Assessment of Strength and Anaerobic Power
The aim of the lab was to determine if relationships exist between strength and power assessments, while hypothesising that there is in fact no correlation. 28 healthy university students completed four testing batteries, consisting of both male and female. The results found that no strong correlations existed within the testing measurements. Limitations of the study can include affordability and sample size. Assessments providing technical support can supply accurate and specific values of data, such as peak power and joint torque, however can be impractical to large control groups.
From an exercise and athletic performance perspective, strength and anaerobic power are vital contributors to the considerable majority of sports. This refers to the force and speed exerted throughout muscular contractions during physical activity (Kraemer, Fleck, & Evans, 1996). The two are often used interchangeably, despite portraying differences. Exhibiting the knowledge to understand these variances allows for appropriate training regimes and assessments to be made within exercise prescription. This also gives allied health professionals the ability to screen the effects of training interventions accurately, allowing them to estimate the relative significance of strength and power to specific athletes and their chosen professions (Abernethy, Wilson, & Logan, 1995). However, although differences appear, potential correlations may exist when assessing certain forms of strength and power measurements. Proposing that it is possible for a relationship between the two to exist.
The aim of this report is to determine if any potential relationships exist between the recorded data provided from various strength and power assessments, and if so, the strength of the association. The hypothesis is that there is no correlation between the data, and that specific forms of training measurements are required when assessing certain components of fitness.
28 healthy male and female Exercise Science students participated as subjects to perform four types of physical assessments, which consisted of the Wingate Cycle Ergometer test, Vertical Jump test, Timed Sprints and Isokinetic Dynamometry. These results were then recorded and analysed for each contributor.
The Wingate Cycle Ergometer test was used to assess each subjects’ peak anaerobic power and total units of work completed (kj). The participant was required to cycle at maximum effort for 30 seconds from a high cadence start, with a plate-weighted cage being released when the time began; significantly increasing resistance (Jaafar, Rouis, Attiogbe, Vandewalle, & Driss, 2015).
As a basic measure of muscular power, the Vertical Jump test was used to record each subjects’ jump score (metres). The individual stands with their preferred side next to the test pole, reaching up to obtain their lowest marker score. Once the measurements are set, the subject jumps fro...


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