Complete Debriefing Of The Cardiovascular System - Human Biology - Review

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Cardiovascular System
I. Cardiovascular System – Heart and blood vessels
A. Functions
1. Contractions of heart generate blood pressure in arteries for flow
2. Keep oxygen rich blood and carbon dioxide rich blood separate
3. One way valves in heart and veins keep blood flowing one way
4. Heart and blood vessels regulate blood flow according to needs of the body
5. Exchange of nutrients and oxygen to the cells and removal of wastes
B. Circulation
1. Pulmonary Circulation – to the lungs to exchange oxygen into blood and remove carbon dioxide from the blood
2. Systemic Circulation – circulation to the rest of the body
a. Coronary circulation –circulation to the heart
i. first branch off the aorta
ii. arteries may become clogged – need for angioplasty or bypass surgery
b. Renal circulation – supplies blood to the kidneys
c. Hepatic – portal circulation – supplies blood to the digestive organs and liver
C. Blood vessels
1. Arteries – carry oxygen-rich blood (except for pulmonary artery) to the cells away from the heart
a. Aorta – largest artery in body
b. Arterioles – smallest arteries (whether constricted or dilated affect blood pressure
c. Thin walls surrounding by smooth muscles that keeps pumping - pulse
2. Veins – carry oxygen-poor blood (except pulmonary vein) from the cells to heart
a. Vena cava (superior – above heart , inferior – blow heart) – largest veins
b. Venules – small veins
c. Veins have valves for one way flow
3. Capillaries – smallest blood vessels, one cell thick that surround all living cells
a. Connect arterioles to venules
b. Bring nutrients and oxygen to every cell and carry wastes away
D. Heart – pump, cardiac muscle, thoracic region
1. 4 chambers
a. Right atrium – receives venous blood from the inferior vena cava and superior vena cava pumps blood through the tricuspid valve (AV valve) to the
b. Right ventricle – pumps blood through the semi-lunar valve to the lungs
c. Left atrium – receives blood from the 2 pulmonary veins and pumps blood through the bicuspid (mitral) valve (AV valve) to
d. Right ventricle – thick muscular walls, pumps blood through the semi-lunar valve to the aorta to the rest of the body
2. Pericardium – lining of the heart
3. Myocardium – cardiac muscle tissue for pumping
4. Septum – separates left and right side of heart
5. Circulation through the heart - vena cavas( right atrium ( tricuspid valve (right ventricle (semi-lunar valve ( pulmonary arteries( lungs ( pulmonary veins ( left atrium (bicuspid valve ( left ventricle ( aortic semi-lunar valve ( body
6. Heartbeat
a. Cardiac cycle – one complete heartbeat where both atria contract simultaneously followed by both ventricles contract...

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