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To whom it may concern:I would like to apply to work in your law firm for the summer because I think it would be beneficial to me and your company as well. I have a good educational and discipline background, and I maintain above average grades while volunteering my time at the local library and school activities. I have not gotten into any problems with authorities or my school. I am looked up to as a leader of my school, and that will be a quality that I am willing to portray if I am to receive this placement.A good attitude is something I can also bring to the workplace. I get along with most people very well, and I respond to new things, environmental and occupational, quickly. I do not have a habit of tardiness, and I can guarantee you that I will be prompt for a job I enjoy.Along wit...


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1224 words - 5 pages be some educating about where present day software engineering fits into society, either the historical backdrop of the train, or a module on business or endeavor with regards to software engineering. A biology degree simply but very complicatedly prepares undergrads for the study of living organisms. Have you heard of a trend in the computer science world? I have. From my research, and personal sources there is a trend of having knowledge but

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4589 words - 19 pages potential show cases by digital technology and the best is yet to come, (APAC CIOoutlook, 2018) Analyses were conducted on of businesses found in the sector which include; Technical support, Programmers, Web developers, Computer systems analyst, IT security and network engineering. The types of business are found both in some small enterprises, locally and multinational business leading in the different businesses. Additionally, the report went

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1318 words - 6 pages Free years: a decrease in overall size, faster performance via the processors, higher resolution graphics, and other unique features such as Cortana from windows 10 which is an intelligent personal assistant for the computer. They have come quite a long way from solving basic math to the more complex tasks such as programming. As computers become more and more efficient and advanced, they will eventually take over most of the jobs that were initially

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420 words - 2 pages introduction of the IBM PC in 1981 signaled a new era for the personal computer. What made this PC instantly successful and made the PC an accepted, serious business machine? 7. Identify 5 Apple or IBM PC clones, identify a distinguishing characteristic of each: a.       b.       c.       d.       e.       f. What is the significance of the "PCs Limited" clone (in other words how is it recognized today)? This will be an exam 1 question. 8. Los Angeles

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777 words - 4 pages low productivity when employees steal time by coming in late and more frequently using the company computer for personal use. It is not uncommon, for employees to spend more then 1 hour of personal time on the computer during a work day (IRS 2001). This time adds up and costs the company hundreds to millions of dollars in lost time, and repair to their equipment.Other statistical facts involving computer time theft:Nearly half of all office

The Age Of Spiritual Machines, By Ray Kurzweil. This Report Gives A Basic Summary Of A Very Technical Book On A.I

732 words - 3 pages with the year 2009.In 2009 a personal computer can perform a trillion calculations per second. Computers are embedded in clothing and jewelry. Most routine business transactions take place between a human and a virtual person.In 2019 a computer is now equal to the human brain in computational ability. Computers are now ubiquitous but invisible. 3-D virtual reality displays provide the primary means of communication with other people, the web, and

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929 words - 4 pages Free personal and accurate information of taxable income, allowance, deductible expenses · Investigate Audits and assist in resolving complex problems · Calculate taxes owe by adding accurately in computer, input data entry on forms, by and by tax form instructions, and tables · Guidance of tax law handbooks to determine tax preparations of specific returns · Confirm amount of forms prepared by other tax services/reps to detect errors of methods of

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5683 words - 23 pages its business strategy to meet the rapidly changing computer industry. There are several ways to describe business strategy. This chapter summarizes two well-accepted models: the Porter generic strategies framework and dynamic frameworks such as the Goeltz hypercompetition model and blue ocean strategy concept. Current examples are offered to illustrate the models. The Porter generic strategies framework (Differentiation, Cost Leadership, Focus

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1674 words - 7 pages graphics is the use of computers to produce pictorial representations of information, from a graph of a company's earnings to a video-game maze. Almost any pictorial image may be stored in a computer and rendered and manipulated according to the user's wishes. To generate such graphics, the user needs a computer, a graphics software program and input-output devices adapted to the nature of the images. Even a typical personal computer system, with a

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2950 words - 12 pages very limited (Jacobs, 53). Even though, many orders came in for it and several famous owners of computer and software manufacturing companies got their start in computing through the Altair.For example, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, founders of Apple Computer, built a much cheaper, yet more productive version of the Altair and turned their hobby into a business (Fluegelman, 16).After the introduction of the Altair 8800, the personal computer

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1269 words - 6 pages 21century and we titled this era as IT Age (information technology). As we all know, books and old technologies are replaced by new technology computer and smart phones. And IT market is standing at the top of global share market. So, I would like to evaluate and analyses a Computer Training Center, G-Link Computer Center. It was established in 2014 and located at 21st street and between 80th & 81st Street. It is a partnership Business and they have

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558 words - 3 pages Free do not think Benjamin Banneker got what he wanted from Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson seemed to be entertaining him, just responding to the letter to say that he did. It is evident in Jefferson’s personal life that he did not explicitly believe that African Americans and their white counterparts were equal. If Benjamin had change or challenged Jefferson’s mind or attitude towards slaves, Jefferson could have implemented laws that helped enslaved

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1066 words - 5 pages Free their personal computer. However, sometimes these mistakes are corrected without the student using their knowledge. Computers have opened up a new world with the Internet, enabling information and activities to be easily accessible, but it has also done students work for them allowing them to cheat and be lazy. Computer labs have replaced rooms once used for art, music, and shop classes and in some cases even libraries. Computers also have

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1713 words - 7 pages and your personal details they can also add a cover letter with their cv. JOB ADVERT A job advert is an announcement about a specific job which is available. It is usually created by the human resources manager of Waitrose. The main purpose of a job advertisement is to bring in the ideal candidate for the job role and it reduces time interviewing candidates who don’t have the right skill according to the job description. A job advert should

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1693 words - 7 pages Free examining the fast growing insurance market. It seems that in 1992, when AIG began to do business in Shanghai, the concept of insurance coverage was foreign to most Chinese. However, as the economy has changed, partly seen in fewer state pensions, and grown stronger, blessing citizens with more personal property, "people here are starting to realize, 'Hey, I have these things I could lose,' " says Chia Yan Chang, AIG's chief officer in Shanghai. "And