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Computer Hardware Engineers Essay

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Computer Hardware Engineer Where would we be at a technological state without Computer Hardware Engineers? They are responsible for creating the technology that powers the world.These people create, develop and analyze the making of many essential parts of a computer, including the CPU, support logic, Microprocessors, custom integrated circuits, and other extras such as printers, disk drives, monitor, etc. I will be explaining many subjects related to Computer Hardware Engineers including such things as how they make what they make, their pay, how they distribute their finished project, and the requirements to become a Computer Hardware Engineer.Computer Hardware Engineers must have achieved ...view middle of the document...

Also, they will have the pressure of meeting lots of deadlines. Since the technology is changing at such a rapid rate, you can count on being a life-long learner in this career (the problem is not going to school but is paying the bills). There are many advantages and disadvantages for this profession however being so well educated in a field with get you both respect and money that you deserve. The pay for a Computer Hardware Engineer ranges from $25 300 "" $100 000. People who just start working in this industry have a range between $33 500 - $66 500.Demand in the field of engineering has been high for many years and this trend should continue for a while. In addition to advertisements in the newspapers, many of the companies involved in computer software and hardware promote positions on their web sites. People with experience using more than one object oriented programming language, and with the capability to show their ideas in a written report, and work well in a team are in short supply. Demand throughout Canada has been so high in some specialized software skills that a new head program has been opened with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The purpose of the program is to speed the process for the issue of work permits to people from other countries of whom have two to five years experience in those skills. The skills they are interested in include telecommunications, multimedia, management information, consulting, and product development and software expertise. Computer engineering is a growing industry and is not likely to retract in the future because There are many duties for Computer Hardware...

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