Computer History Tour PC Form That Explains The History Of Computers - Alexander High School COSC 1301 - Research

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COSC 1301
Computer History Tour - PC
1. You need Microsoft WORD to complete this assignment. If you are going to complete this assignment in the lab you will need headphones.
2. Proceed to save this file on your USB drive as "Computer History PC"
3. Instructions: Go to the following web site:
Take Me To The Computer Museum
While displaying the page below the instructions, select the tab for "topics"
4. Search for the answers to each question. Enter or type the information requested in the shaded areas
5. When finished, resave the file using the same file name as before
6. Send your completed file as an attachment through the Assignments page. Make sure to enter your name and section number where indicated before submission
7. Please do not share your assignment with another student, document properties will be examined for each submission.
Select Personal Computers
What was the significance of the "Homebrew Computer Club" to the evolution of the microcomputer?
The Altair 8800 by many is considered the first PC. What famous computer pioneers contributed
software to the
Who created the Apple I?
How did the Kenbak- 1 ...

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